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Newest Success Stories

From Living Large to Putting God in Charge

Apr 16th, 2014

The year was 1990 and Bob was, in his own words, living large. The then 29-year-old had graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee several years earlier and spent over a year on the pro golf tour. He went to build a thriving CPA firm and thought himself to be in a happy marriage. Then ...

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The Path to Happiness for a Young Widow

Apr 9th, 2014

Its been said the hand of God works by way of coincidences, keeping Him invisible as He illuminates our path. Thats how it worked for Bruce and Lauren, and how they get their first sense that something special was afoot. Lauren, 54-years-old, was recently widowed when she joined the site in ...

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Finding Your Best Friend 1,000 Miles Away

Apr 2nd, 2014

I never really thought it could work, Lauren said, recalling her first encounter with Michael on CatholicMatch. He was so far awaya thousand milesI honestly didnt think wed ever be more than friends. Michael and Lauren had free profiles on CatholicMatch, and after an exchange of ...

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I Wanted to Only Date Catholics

Mar 29th, 2014

Richard wasn’t finding much success in the dating scene when he decided to join CatholicMatch. I honestly didnt know where else to go, Richard said. CatholicMatch at least offered a narrowing down of potential matches by religion-based topics. This type of function was lacking on ...

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A Marriage Built on a Firm Rock

Mar 26th, 2014

Frances already had an immensely positive experience with marriage when she came to CatholicMatch. A widow, she had great memories of her years with her late husband and if another marriage was to happen it would have to be on a firm foundation. I had a wonderful marriage for more than 40 ...

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Finding A New Chance For Love

Mar 22nd, 2014

Richard and JoAnn were both looking for second opportunities at lifetime love. Richards first wife had passed away suddenly, and JoAnn was coming out of a bad marriage that would be annulled by the Catholic Church. The desire for another chance was just one of many things that brought them ...

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James Prayed for Years to Meet His Wife

Mar 19th, 2014

James and Liberty each took their call to seek Gods will in their life seriously, so much so that Liberty briefly studied to be a nun, while James spent five years in the seminary before discerning a call to the married life. Its not surprising that when they connected and courted, it was ...

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Michael Responded To Julie After Ten Days

Mar 15th, 2014

I cant believe Im doing this, Michael was thinking to himself as he made the seven-hour drive from Pensacola to Nashville. I’m driving to a state and city I’ve never visited to meet a girl that I’ve only ever spoken to on the phone, because I met her online. It all ...

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Persistence & Prayer Paved Rebecca’s Path to Tony

Mar 12th, 2014

First, I want to tell everyonedont give up! Thats the message of hope that 42-year-old Rebecca, who lives in Madison, WI working for the university press, wants her fellow CatholicMatch members to here. The fact that Rebecca was even willing to join CatholicMatch was because of her ...

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Denise Gave CatholicMatch One Last Try

Mar 8th, 2014

Denise was none too happy with the way things were going on CatholicMatch. The site just didnt seem to be working for her, and the 37-year-old health-care worker from Orlando was ready to drop her membership. She decided on one last step, a modest change that would have a life-changing result. ...

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Engagements, Marriage & Children for CatholicMatch Couples

Mar 5th, 2014

CatholicMatch couples are walking the path of courtship to engagement to the wedding altar, and ultimately to starting families. We are pleased to report several updates in all regards. Craig and Helena (shown in the photo above) first told the story of their meeting this past June. Their ...

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A Proposal Aboard A Plane

Mar 1st, 2014

Kevin periodically viewed Meghans profile, but no contact was forthcoming. She had not currently seeking on her profile, as she was recovering from a previous relationship on CatholicMatch that had resulted in what she later called a badly wounded heart. The 29-year-old from Massachusetts ...

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