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Singing Marriage Proposal Will Melt Your Heart

October 22, 2014

Most people come to CatholicMatch for the first time because theyre looking for a spouse. Katty came for a different reasonshe was looking to find out her temperament.… Read More

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After Trying 3 Other Online Dating Sites, Jim Met ‘The One’

October 18, 2014

Reenas passion for football caught Jims attention, but it took a little encouragement before Jim could make his move. I was active in the sports forum, 36-year-old Reena… Read More

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The Latin Mass Brought Them Together

October 8, 2014

Tania was feeling pessimistic about CatholicMatch. She had joined on the recommendation of her pastor and truly felt like it was Gods will for her life. But she… Read More

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When Its Right, It Will Happen Quickly

October 4, 2014

JoAnne, 53, had been a CatholicMatch member for three years before she accepted a date from a member. When I first saw Dave’s picture on CatholicMatch, I thought… Read More

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Church Proposal Caught on Camera

October 1, 2014

It was the wonderful time Meg had at the 2013 National Catholic Singles Conference (NCSC) in Philadelphia that motivated her to fully take advantage of her CatholicMatch membership.… Read More

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Finding Love Across Different Time Zones & Cultures

September 24, 2014

When Katherine and Joseph tell people how they met, they say: Mary and Joseph introduced us. The couple met in late September 2012 and were married the following… Read More

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International Meeting and Romantic First Kiss

September 20, 2014

A long-distance relationshipan international one no lesswasnt at the top of Brendans priority list when he joined CatholicMatch. But a combination of reading member stories where couples connected… Read More

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New York City Natives Find Love Online

September 17, 2014

Paul, the 52-year-old post office manager in New York City had been a on-again, off-again churchgoer. Then tragedy struck. His wife died of cancer. Its the worst thing Ive… Read More

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Kevin & Sarah Found Each Other Just An Hour Away

September 10, 2014

Kevin and Sarah are both young professionals, ambitious and talented, but both were having problems finding the right person on todays dating landscape. It led them to seek… Read More

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Ethan & Mariette Heard The Wedding March On Their First Date

September 6, 2014

Several of Mariette’s friends had found their spouses on CatholicMatch, including one that Mariette had pestered to join the site. But after several years of disappointments, Mariette had given… Read More

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Widower Can’t Imagine His Life With Someone Else

September 3, 2014

Paul’s wife Debby was dying. They both knew it, and in their last Christmas together, she told him it was time for a talk. Hushing his protests, Debby… Read More

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Steve Proposed With a Top 10 List

August 30, 2014

“I live the dream,” Katie said. “I have a house, a lot of friends and a neighborhood that’s 1950s Leave It To Beaver.” This is the part of… Read More

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