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News From CatholicMatch

Get Quicker Answers On Our New-And-Improved Help Page

Dec 7th, 2010

Its really important to us that you can get prompt answers to your CM questions, so this week were launching a new-and-improved help page. It streamlines the three ways you can currently get information and adds a couple of new features all in one user-friendly space so you can get a ...

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Newest Forum Gives CM Members Quick Answers, Guidance

Nov 22nd, 2010

CatholicMatchs newest forum room launched earlier this month. Its intended to simplify your CatholicMatch experience. According to Nate Lloyd, the Community Help Room is  meant to allow members to directly submit their questions about using the site and receive answers from fellow ...

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Can You Hit The Top 10? Tech Team Rolls Out Catholic Trivia

Oct 19th, 2010

Faith without works is _______? A) Cheap B) Fun C) Dead D) Alive Obviously the correct answer is C, and if you like trivia and love your Catholic faith then we have a treat for you! CatholicMatch is happy to provide its members with our newest feature, Catholic Trivia, a game that pits ...

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Foosball Fury: A Company Head Who Rolls Up His Sleeves

Oct 13th, 2010

Im probably as close as there is to a CatholicMatch lifer. Back in my single days I was member number #2874. I worked in the Zelienople, Pa., office for three years, met my wife on CM and now work off-site as a freelancer. There are many things that make the CatholicMatch experience unique, ...

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New Forum To Provide Better Community Support

Oct 8th, 2010

From the very beginning of CatholicMatch, forums have been an integral part of our community. Between the laughter and the serious political discussions, many meaningful friendships (and more than a few marriages!) have been forged. They have definitely evolved since the early days, and we ...

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From Mother Teresa To Julia Roberts: A Two-Week Review

Sep 19th, 2010

On Sept. 2 CatholicMatch launched Faith, Hope & Love, a blog named after our members, who demonstrate limitless faith, hope and love. The blog is updated at least once a day and, two and a half weeks into it, already has served up a ton of great content. Here’s a quick review. ...

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Spammers & Scammers: Keeping Out Creepy Photos

Sep 16th, 2010

“Profiles and pictures and scrapbooks oh my!” That might be the reaction of a few members on the occasion they would run across an inappropriate photo. As our membership base has grown, this has become an exceedingly difficult task to have done in a timely manner. The balance ...

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Why A Blog For CatholicMatch?

Sep 2nd, 2010

Blogs are nothing new, and lots of people have them. So why did we decide to do this now? Pretty simple, actually. CatholicMatch is a maturing company. We have established ourselves as the largest and most active Catholic community on the Internet and, as such, we have more reasons to ...

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CatholicMatch Event Planning Guide

Feb 7th, 2010

CM Get Together Event Planning Guide Printable PDF Version Introduction Over the three years and a half, the movement of CatholicMatch members initiating events to bring their fellow members together for a weekend-or longer-has increased exponentially. More and more members are becoming ...

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A Friendly Boston Pub

Sep 1st, 2009

While this year's summer found New England rainy and wet with temperatures cooler than normal, the weekend of July 31 – August 2, 2009 was a beautiful and memorable weekend to remember for CM Boston 2009. The "Pub Gals" of CM's Mary Ellen's Pub (visit us in the ...

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Thinking Outside The Box

Jul 1st, 2009

The year was 2001 and Catholic Match was still in the early stages of its development. My member # was 2874, as proof of just how much growth has happened since then, as the site has grown into the most-trafficked site in the Catholic world, including even the Vatican. Like everyone else, my ...

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Good Things Come In Small Packages

Jun 1st, 2009

In the world of Catholic Match Events, a world that grows each day and pushes people everywhere closer to the place they are called to be, most attention is focused on the big events–the weekend long blowout bashes that draw people from around the country, galvanize forum discussion ...

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