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Success Stories

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Evelyn Found a Strong Catholic Relationship

Jan 15th, 2014

Evelyn, by any reasonable measurement, had enjoyed a fulfilling life when she decided to retire from her work as a school teacher and director. She had two great kids, the product of a marriage that had been annulled by the Church over 30 years ago. She had grandchildren, whose hugs and kisses ...

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After 10 Years Using Dating Websites He Found His Match

Jan 11th, 2014

Antonia had a nagging feeling in her heart and it wouldnt let go. The 31-year-old from British Columbia was sure the feeling was from God, and it was about trying online dating. Many of my friends had moved on with their lives while mine remained stagnant, she recalled. Antonia remained ...

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A Long-Distance Match Made In Heaven

Jan 8th, 2014

Joseph was praying that he would find the right girl. He believed that when the time was right, the right woman would appear. Four years later, the 25-year-old from Missouri was a member of CatholicMatch and was convinced that God had given him the answer and her name would be Cassie. It was ...

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Family Roots Helped A Long Distance Relationship Work

Jan 4th, 2014

Tony and Tam lived across the country from each other, he in Massachusetts and she in Arizona. But they shared common rootsshe is originally from the Bay State, and those common roots brought them together in a relationship that has been undergirded by faith and family right from the outset. ...

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A Relationship Break-Up Proved The Key To Ultimate Success

Jan 1st, 2014

Rob and Kimberly had connected on CatholicMatch and gone out in January 2011. They each liked the other, but there were some lingering issues, and it wasn’t until August of that same year that they reconnected. As it turns out, that little relationship break was all that was needed to ...

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Patience & Prayers To The Blessed Mother Paid Off

Dec 28th, 2013

Chris and Kim both took some time to get comfortable with online dating, but once they got settled in, success wasn’t long in forthcoming. This international long-distance relationship covered the distance from Australia to Singapore and the couple was married this past fall. “I had ...

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CatholicMatch Couples Share Christmas Joys

Dec 25th, 2013

The sharing of Christmas traditions is something rich in importance for every family, and surely for most every member of CatholicMatch. When a couple marries, the challenge of melding traditions to create new ones can be a challenge. Sue Haggerty recently wrote about her own experiences in ...

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Cynthia Didn’t Believe in Online Dating

Dec 21st, 2013

“You had me at hello” is a line renowned in popular culture from its use in the movie Jerry Maguire and as the title of a Kenny Chesney song. In the world of online dating it doesn’t work quite that literally, but it comes close to describing the initial online encounters of ...

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One Couple Shares the Light of Faith With Others

Dec 18th, 2013

At the young age of 30, Matthew was already a widower. The youth minister from Kentucky had seen his first wife pass away, and was waiting to see what God’s next step was for him. Matthew’s work in the Church was his full-time vocation, and a mission trip to North Dakota was a key ...

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Finding Restoration In God & Each Other

Dec 14th, 2013

It was the last day of 2010, and Jerry and Vivianne were on the first date, lunch at a French restaurant. Jerry, who works restoring antique clocks, handed Vivianne a present wrapped in a paper bag. The gift was an antique clock that was broken and needed complete restoration. The clock became ...

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Keeping the Faith Brought This Couple Happiness

Dec 11th, 2013

John and Meredith both felt called to the vocation of marriage, but as the years passed, they both began to doubt it would ever happen. He was 46, she was 40, and it seemed like time was passing them by. But through their doubts, they kept faith and kept trying. “Both of us were looking ...

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Navigating the Challenges of a Long-Distance Romance

Dec 7th, 2013

The avenue of online dating has literally opened the world to romantic possibilities, with the chance to connect with members across the globe. For some, the challenges associated with an international long distance relationship seem too difficult overcome, and everyone has to find their own ...

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