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Catholic Friendly Allows singles of all faiths to use their service. Some of the content displayed on the site as well as photos in profiles may be objectionable to the Catholic faith. Caters to the specific needs of single Catholics and recognizes the authority of Catholic teaching. The site offers a variety of Catholic content and strives to provide a comfortable Catholic online environment.


Faith based profile Provides one profile question on faith. They also provide a text box where the user can further describe their faith. Provides an opportunity to share extensively about the users faith from beliefs to how they practice. The site also provides places for users to share their Catholic favorites, such as saints, medals, icons, shrines and more.

Catholic dating resources Publishes an online "magazine" called Happen which containes articles on dating and relationships. The magazine is not highly visible and can only be found through a small link in the footer of the site. The articles do not contain published on dates so it is hard to know how often the new content is updated. None of the content addresses the specific needs of single Catholics in dating, relationships or marriage. Resources on the CatholicMatch blog have been available for many years and they recently expanded their content efforts by launching the CatholicMatch Institute for Dating and Marriage.


Activities for Catholics Provides activities for users through a program called Stir events which are held in local areas. Many events simply piggy-back on exisiting events where members can gather and participate. There is a wide variety of events so there is always something for everyone. The events, however, are more widely provided in major metro areas. If you live in a smaller town you likely will have travel some distance. Provides space and tools on its website in order for members to organize and host events in the United States and internationally. Many of the events are weekend long activities but members can participate either fully or partially depending on their schedules. The events vary in nature but most contain some faith aspect such as prayer, Mass or visits to churches and shrines. Events have been held all over the United State and also in places such a England, Rome and Ireland.


Support Catholic Organizations There was no information avaiable that supports any Catholic orgnaizations. Supports many Catholic organizations in a variety of ways. They sponsor dozens of Catholic events throughout the year, purchase advertising from many private and Church sponsored groups as well as sponsoring thousands of parishes across the country through Church bulletins. Additionally CatholicMatch has made significant investments in content and the new Institute for dating in marriage which strives to combat the declining marriage rate problem.


Community Does not have any online community features. Encourages the community aspect for singles through a variety of features including message forums, chat room, event planning and topic discusions through the CatholicMatch Institute. The Institute for dating and marriage provides many resources that are important to single Catholics.


Customer Service Provides online customer service as well as a phone number for subscription sales and issues. Provides an online customer service ticket system, a community help discussion room, FAQ Knowlege base and a phone number.