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The most frequent comments made by prominent Catholics when they talk about CatholicMatch are that we provde a supportive faith environment, superior website, and that our name seems to be everywhere. We are often humbled by the compliments we receive, and this motivates our entire staff to keep pushing forward to maintain our status as the best choice for single Catholics today and in the future.

To "grow in faith and fall in love" is what God wants for every person who is drawn to the vocation of marriage, and is genuinely a tool to help make that happen.

While receiving praise from prominent Catholics is very rewarding. it pales in comparison to the testimony from Catholic couples themselves about how our service has played a part in changing their lives. In addition, we hear from a growing number of priests who have married parishioners that met through CatholicMatch. This is not only a source of happiness for us, but also a clear testament to the ability of God to use ALL things for his purpose.


Meeting like-minded Catholics is not as easy as it used to be. makes it easier by providing a great forum not only for meeting a potential spouse but also for connecting with other Catholics of both sexes and helping to build community in the Church!

Anastasia Northrop - Founder and Director of the National Catholic Singles Conference.


As a nationally syndicated radio talk show host I hear consistently from people around the nation who have found love and life long relationships through It never ceases to amaze me the many different ways God uses to bring people together for his ultimate purpose. Talk to you soon!

Drew Mariani - Host of the Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio.


In todays world, finding a good, faithful husband or wife is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, is bringing single Catholics from all over the country together to meet, to get to know each other and to broaden the "pool" of eligible spouses!

Mary Beth Bonacci - Founder, National Speaker & Author.


In Christian marriage, one's spouse is one's "Number Two", while the only "Number One" is God. is laying the groundwork so that in loving God, future spouses may find the only way to adequately love each other.

Father Frank Pavone - Archdiocese of New York. Founder, Priests for Life


CatholicMatch can help you find your soul mate...and maybe even yourself! Unlock the secret to your personality - by understanding your temperament - and that of your friends and even potential spouse! Take the temperament test on CatholicMatch, and find out whether you are choleric, sanguine, melancholic, or phlegmatic! You will get to know yourself (and your loved ones) a little better.

Laraine Bennett - Author of The Temperament God Gave You and The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse.


I'm so grateful to CatholicMatch for introducing me to my husband. Five years and three children later, we couldn't be happier. CatholicMatch really does help make God's dreams for your life come true!

Stephanie Wood Weinert - Founder, National Speaker & Author.


As someone who uses technology daily for the purposes of evangelization, I know full well what a powerful tool it can be. is another use of this technology, which is providing a service for single men and women to realize that they are not alone and that God can use this new medium, the Internet, to introduce them to a future spouse.

Matthew Pinto - Founder, Ascension Press. Author.


I love hearing about couples who met through Their common love for the Catholic faith allows their love for each other to blossom in a beautiful way, and to achieve its ultimate human expression in a joyful, loving, sacramental marrage. To "grow in faith and fall in love" is what God wants for every person drawn to the vocation of marriage, and is genunely a tool to help make that happen.

Sean Herriott - Host of Morning Air on Relevant Radio.

michael-rose is a testament to the age in which we live. It is wonderful that Catholics can meet online and possibly be called by God to marriage or even a religious vocation. This is a great example of using God's gift of technology to evangelize and build up Christ's Church.

Michael Rose - Author of Goodbye GoodMen!