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March 2nd, 2013 - Yolanda-935017 said:

when they feel they are ready.


February 14th, 2008 - Doreen-165926 said:

I think it depends on the person. I was engaged to someone, but was fooled on who they were. So, my attachment is not there, I do not feel love for him, it is not the person I thought he was. If he were the person he portrayed himself to be, and we were happy, and something happened, I would not be so dettached. But I really feel pity for him, but I would never take him back, I have nothing in common with him. He is not someone I would have chosen, if he had let the real person out and all the baggage that came with him.

If he were sincerely who he started out being, and we broke off for reasons unforseen, I would be upset, and searching for answers. My marriage, I did not date for 10 years. I wanted nothing to do with it. I could not figure out how this all happened.

But it does depend on the situation, and person.


January 23rd, 2008 - Anne-251162 said:

An individual should wait as long as it takes to have closure to the first relationship before seeking another. That is only fair to all involved.