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Cycling in the Twin Cities

Jul 27th 2012 new

I moved to Champlin, found the MRT and that's it. Who needs drugs? I'm a new and avid enthusiast. Anyone interested in a 20+ mile bike hike in the Twin Cities? Elm Creek Park Reserve and Coon Rapids Dam offer beautiful trails (flat to rolling, a couple of moderate hwy bridge climbs) and plenty of shade. Visitor centers at these parks offer a nice place to take a break and refill water. Send me a message if getting a group of TC-CM Cyclists together sounds interesting to you! clap wave

Jul 28th 2012 new

Ok...don't everybody get all excited about this all at once...

10-15 miles? Ending at a coffee shop? A group ride? Anyone? clap duck

Aug 15th 2012 new

(Quote) Alice-788574 said: Ok...don't everybody get all excited about this all at once... 10-15 miles? Ending...
(Quote) Alice-788574 said:

Ok...don't everybody get all excited about this all at once...

10-15 miles? Ending at a coffee shop? A group ride? Anyone?


Alice, sorry you're not getting any takers on your offer. The ride sounds great! I've been cycling more the past three years and love it. We have some really great places to cycle in Indiana. Good luck with your new home and have fun!

Oct 12th 2012 new

Greetings Fellow Cyclists!!!

I can relate to the frustration of finding someone to cycle with. I have been cycling here in Southern Maine for about 5 five years and have not had much luck finding anyone to cycle with. I cannot find anyone my age willing to cycle even 20-30 miles (my short loop). Most everyone my age thinks I am insane!!! *laugh*

The probelm is that most cyclists that cycle that far have a much quicker pace than I do. Too many years of teaching/doing hard-core aerobics on hard floors has done a number of my knees, so my average pace is only about 15-18 mph... *sigh* Oh well, cycling by oneself does give one a lot of time to reflect on God and spend time with HIM.

Good luck to all the cyclists out there and may all your cycling days be filled with sunshine and dry roads!!!

Oct 12th 2012 new
Thanks for your responses. Yep, cycling seems to be a great opportunity for solitude in nature. I love it, even as the weather gets chilly!
Oct 13th 2012 new

Hi, Alice.

This is the first time I've seen this thread. I lived in Champlin for many years. Elm Creek Park was my backyard. The trails are great for cycling and walking. My kids had a near death collision coming off the bridge over 169 after just learning to ride. I credit their guardian angels for being there on that trip! I've even camped with my Girl Scout troop at the group camp and we biked to the nature center. I think it's a great idea to invite people to ride with you. Have you done any cross country skiing there? That park was one of the things I missed most about moving from Champlin. We used to run I to these two schnauzers on our walks. One was well behaved , the other one was always running off getting into trouble. His name was Murphy. He always came running up to greet us or he'd be finding puddles to romp through. I have lots of great memories there.

Oct 13th 2012 new
Kath, it is truly a fabulous area. I have not been skiing, but may give it a go if I can rent some equipment. I may pull on the thermal tights and do some mountain biking in the brisk weather. Not fat, not far, but at least out! I already deplore the gym...
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