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Has anyone participated in a Triathlon? Have you ever considered it? If not, you really should.

I participated in my first Sprint Triathlon last year. It was such an amazing experience. I'll never forget when I first decided to participate. It was in February and I was being very lazy about going to the gym. I decided that I needed something to train for to help with the Motivation. In looking through a list of running/walking events, I saw the "Go Girl Triathlon" being advertised. Curious, I looked into it and signed up. It was (and still is) a Sprint Triathlon for women only. That sounded great to me because I didn't want to be in the midst of serious male triathletes that would/could "swim over top of me". I heard that's a possibility in these competitions. eyepopping

The next several months I did alot of research and training. I attended Triathlon classes at BGI Bikes/Fitness. Read articles/books on "Your First Triathlon" and trained. I didn't train very hard in the beginning but as the weeks ticked away I got more serious. A male friend of mine decided he'd be "my coach" and offer moral support and the butt kicking when needed.

I'll never forget the entire experience. It was not only a physical roller coaster, but an emotional one too. I had feelings of "who am I to think I can do this?" to "heck yes, I can do this", to "I may not be thin but I am athletic" to "thank you God for such an amazing experience and lesson".

I recall feeling completely out of place at the Triathlon class surrounded by the extremely athletic folks. I recall the absolute calm standing in line awaiting my turn to enter the water. And, as I entered the water, all I could hear in my head was "you go girl!" I "smiled" that entire swim. The cycling part was a bit tougher with all the hills at the venue. I couldn't believe the sense of accomplishment I felt never having to jump off the bike and walk up a hill. When I first started training on those hills I had to. The run...or walk for me....was the most challenging. The most wonderful feeling was coming around that last turn and seeing the finish line! I think I thanked God about 50 more times about then. laughing The support along the route by the spectators and the other participants was amazing too. Those last few miles were tough and hearing folks call out to me helped. "Way to go #389" or "You Go Girl", the slogan of the day.

Sorry for the longer than I intended post. embarassed As I began to ask the simple question of "have you ever participated?" I was overtaken by my excitement reliving the experience. lol If you have never thought about participating you should. I wasn't there to compete with others but I was there to compete with myself.

We are all capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. No, we can't walk out there tomorrow and just go for it. We have to train for it. It takes work and committment but we are capable of it. Triathletes come in all shapes and sizes. That was a very cool thing to witness. I would have never thought I could do it and now I am hooked!

I would love to hear from others. What is/was your most chalenging race or sporting event that you have participated in?

Have a wonderful day!

Aug 15th 2012 new

Great post Elizabeth!

Your story is what makes the sport of Triathlon something really special. It's a sport that transforms so many people from saying "I can't" to "I can". I've been racing triathlons for a little over 7 years now, and have been a volunteer coach for several group training programs. It's a fun sport which can lead to discoverying some pretty cool stuff about yourself as well as others.

So, when is your next race?

Aug 16th 2012 new

Thanks for your comment Eugene! I have two clients that are triathletes and they warned me that it was addictive. They were right! My next one will be next season. I've had to take a break this year due to a few minor injuries. I am lucky that there are several opportunities around Indianapolis alone. And, several others with a little travel.

When I started cycling more and joining formal group rides and then getting involved in the triathlon, I was really struck by the amount of support from the other athletes. I have participated in other sporting events over the years and had never experienced this level of support. I think everyone loves it so much they want everyone to love it with them! biggrin

Congratulations on your seven years of triathlons. And, from someone who still considers herself a newbie to the sport, thanks for coaching and helping others. I was very greatful for the support and help from the experienced triathletes! We really appreciate it!


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