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What's for breakfast?

Sep 1st 2012 new

Sep 1st 2012 new

Kids say...

Sep 1st 2012 new
(Quote) Jerry-74383 said:
(Quote) Jerry-74383 said:


That was cute....I remember times when cake was breakfast food in my house... biggrin
Sep 1st 2012 new

(Quote) Jerry-74383 said:
(Quote) Jerry-74383 said:

When we were kids, my grandfather gave us pie for breakfast. Don't think my mom found out. eyepopping

Sep 2nd 2012 new

How about some Bacon?

Oct 6th 2012 new

Whats for Breakfast,Let me think scratchchin
Ill get the dishes from over the sink wink
Eggs would be nice,looking at me Chef
Bacon along with them is what I like to see clap
Get the toast out,it goes good with the meal stir the pot! Its getting cold! thumbsup
Gets the day off to a real nice feel biggrin
So,if someone will be nice and kind angel
A big nice breakfast is something I wouldnt mind. clap Chef

Oct 8th 2012 new

Hi-Lo Cereal with Skim Milk

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