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Good books on cd or podcasts

Sep 27th 2012 new

There is a very sweet older lady at my parish who knew I liked Cardinal Sheen, and lent me a 24 cd pack of his. I have just finished listening to them for the third time and was wondering if anyone on the fora had any recommendations books on cd or free podcasts that helped them grow in their faith. I commute a lot for work, and, as much as I love reading, it also makes sense to take advantage of the other times available for improving the interior life.

Sep 27th 2012 new

Cardinal Sheen is one of the greatest! I love his books "Three to Get Married" and "Virtue and Vice." I also heard that "A Priest is Not His Own" is very good as well.

I would recommend Christopher West's 10-CD series, "Naked Without Shame" which is basically a crash course on Theology of the Body. I'm about half-way through listening to it, and so far, it's great!

Sep 27th 2012 new

Try (I think that's it!). I listen to the Catholic Answers 2 hour series each night on my local Catholic radio station, and they're always talking about their stuff on podcasts.

Sep 27th 2012 new

Yes he is. Two of his books are among my all time favorites: "Old Errors and New Labels" and "The World's First Love: Mary, Mother of God." "Three to get Married" is one of my favorites as well. I haven't read "Virtue or Vice" or "A Priest is not his Own" yet, but I will pick them up. I will also purchase "Naked Without Shame" on cd for my commuting trips. (If West is anything like Sheen, it will be a blessing to listen to his work.) Thank you for the recomendation Jenny.

Sep 27th 2012 new

I have tried listening to Catholic Answeres a few times, but I can never get into it. They go through each issue so quickly, by the time I start getting into the issue, they have gone on to the next question.

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