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Do you blog or follow blogs?

Sep 30th 2012 new

How many of you have blogs, and what kinds of blogs are they?

Personally, I have three that I make posts in irregularly. One is a bread recipe blog, one is a poetry blog, and one is a random, whatever-I-feel-like-writing blog.

I don't really follow any blogs religiously but I'd have to say that one of my favorites is the "Faith, Hope and Love" blog on this site. :)

Sep 30th 2012 new

I don't have a blog, but I do follow a few. They are mostly by people I know in real life though and write about what they are up to and post pictures.

Sep 30th 2012 new

I read a lot of blogs. Too many on many topics.

As far as religion blogs go (I know that wasn't what you specifically asked about), the website Patheos has a bunch of good ones.

Their Catholic channel is here:

Sep 30th 2012 new

I have a personal blog that I post inconsistently on, though I am trying to be better about that. I do follow several blogs with the help of Google Reader. Most of them tend to be crafting blogs, friends' blogs, Catholic blogs, natural living/DIY blogs or disability blogs (I work in healthcare, specifically rehabilitation, and they give me good perspective). I'm not perfect at keeping up with them, especially the ones that put up mulitible posts in a day, but they typically make for good reading :)

Sep 30th 2012 new

I started a blog in January, & I love writing, but I'm terrible at remembering to do! Haven't posted in a while... embarassed

Sep 30th 2012 new
I've made a couple failed attempts at blogging in the past. I just can't seem to keep up with it regularly.

Some blogs I follow:

New Liturgical Movement

New Theological Movement (hasn't been a new post in a few months, but always very informative)

Edward Feser (Catholic Thomist philosopher)
Sep 30th 2012 new

I love the Patheos blogs and the Seraphic Singles blogs. Reading other's viewpoints always enriches my own.

Sep 30th 2012 new

I use Google Reader, too. I like that I can organize the feeds by type so it's easy to see where new posts are and decide if I have time to read them. I have four main categories: book reviews, faith/family blogs (like Darwin Catholic & Wine Dark Sea), education so I can keep up on professional stuff, and entertainment (Dramabeans and Eat Your Kimchi).

I have two book review blogs, though I post infrequently these days. One is for my own reviews, and one is with my students.

Sep 30th 2012 new

I have tried my hand at blogging several times. My problem is that I can't commit to blogging regularly because I take too long to write one post! So I started a quote blog because I thought that would be easier. It is supposed to be daily, as title title implies, but is really more like once in a blue moon:

I am a total bloggophile though (not sure if that's a word?)! I love blogs on Catholicism, philosophy and religion. There are so many good ones out there that I find it impossible to follow them all, but New Advent takes the work out of it for me and I get their email with the best posts from the best blogs each day:

I also really love the fun stuff at Mental Floss and Twisted Sifter... pretty pictures and random facts

Sep 30th 2012 new

Thanks for all the great blog suggestions!

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