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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Oct 5th 2012 new

I will be WORKING! laughing

Oct 5th 2012 new


Oct 5th 2012 new

(Quote) Margaret-20183 said: Because the stock market is open on Columbus Day, it means no day off for me!
(Quote) Margaret-20183 said:

Because the stock market is open on Columbus Day, it means no day off for me!


Ditto for me too! What a strange industry. We get Good Friday off, but no Columbus Day.

Oct 5th 2012 new

wave I will be working too. Sicknesses take no holidays! Monday is just another workday at my Familly Practice office. Saturday it is chores for me maybe a movie with friends. Then on Sunday it is Mass and then the Life Chain Sunday afternoon.
All of you guys Enjoy your weekends.

Oct 5th 2012 new

I work in health care too, Elizabeth. My daughter is home for a long weekend, a break from college, and Monday is just another work day for me as well. Today I spent some time walking with a friend, saw a lovely heron and ducks at a local greenway. Then jumped in the car and drove to Charlottesville, VA, a lovely town steeped in history and the ghosts of Thomas Jefferson and Edgar Allan Poe. What a beautiful fall day! Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.

Oct 5th 2012 new
Well, for me it all started today, 'cause I was off frim work ... so here it is:

- Today --> spent the day doing a whole lot of nothing ... well, I rested (which I needed) and caught up with emails, Facebook, CM, etc.

- Tonight --> will be going to Eucharistic Adoration rosary

- Saturday morning --> a bit of housekeeping cutting it by 9:00am, to ready-up for...

- Saturday afternoon --> The COLUMBUS ITALIAN FESTIVAL clap clap ; I'll be meeting with a friend before noon heart , to go together to the festival (now, why is it that CM doesn't have an emoticon of an italian flag or even a pizza slice? boggled

- Saturday night --> ... hummm... no plans yet; any good suggestions? biggrin

- Sunday --> Attend Mass, grocery shopping, some reading & relaxation rosary cookie hersheyskiss

- Monday --> I'm off from work but I'm going to the office to catch up with work.

That's it! wink


:rose: :theheart: :rosary:
Oct 5th 2012 new

Came to Austin to visit my sister and her family. Mom and I shopped a little this morning while my sister and the kids were at work/school. Took my sis-in-law's dad to his dr. appt, and went for a bike ride with my niece. (She gave me pointers on how to go uphill w/o getting tired :)

Tomorrow will be another lazy day; no specific plans except to spend time together . . .and maybe grade a little for my online classes.

Sunday head back home after Mass and back to work on Monday.

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Oct 5th 2012 new

(Quote) Victoria-691000 said: (Quote) Kathleen-878558 said: I have a lot of local activities: - Toni...
(Quote) Victoria-691000 said:

Kathleen-878558 said: I have a lot of local activities:

- Tonight = wine tasting party w/Malbec and Vouvray

- Saturday = potluck dinner

- Sunday = gathering after Divine Liturgy (~Mass)

- Monday = picnic at St. Benedict Abbey -

Phew! I feel blessed to have friends in all these different areas of my life.

In between everything, I will be taking walks and continuing with my fall cleaning, I hope. :)


Anyone else?


Take two ....I keep forgetting about Columbus Day (and the Canadian Thanksgiving. ) :)


Thank you for remembering our big holiday on Oct 8. Its Thanksgiving! So to everyone:
take Monday off and celebrate Thanksgiving along with us.

Oct 5th 2012 new

(Quote) Peter-449116 said: (Quote) Marian-83994 said: OH I GET IT NOW.. Bens...well Benz woul...
(Quote) Peter-449116 said:

Marian-83994 said:

OH I GET IT NOW.. Bens...well Benz would do but lets shoot for Beemers.

Marian, I think I already bored you with my Beemer joke.


I missed the beemer joke. Where? duck

Oct 5th 2012 new

What long week-end?

In most of the country, Columbus Day was discontinued when MLK Day was created.

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