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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

Tobias and Sarah's story is from the Book of Tobit, and his journey is guided by Saint Raphael.
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Oct 12th 2012 new

HBD Jason! Celebrate well! Happy Birthday!

I need to live by trees and/or water. They remind me of God's creation... they keep me in touch with Him! biggrin

Oct 12th 2012 new

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Oct 12th 2012 new

Country - surrounded by God's creation - nature and cattle, horses, donkeys...
You get the picture biggrin

Oct 13th 2012 new

biggrin In the beginnings grew up on a farm for 8 years so still love the country, animals and the beauty and smell of nature. Have lived in a city and small - medium size towns. Prefer to live in the country or in a medium size town and near the country for recreational/leisure activities. I enjoy going to a small size city (easy to drive around) once a month for shopping.biggrin

Oct 14th 2012 new

(Quote) Jason-55847 said: City, country ,town, suburbs,rural? and why?
(Quote) Jason-55847 said:

City, country ,town, suburbs,rural? and why?


Grew up in a suburb of Cleveland .... it was fine .... close enough to the city and not too far from the country if you wanted to get out for a nice country drive. Same here in Columbus.

Oct 14th 2012 new

Whereever there is presence of Holy Church, family, business or employment, friends :-)

Oct 16th 2012 new
City....with a catch. I enjoy artistic/cultural activities, but I also want to live near water.
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