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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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10/13/2012 new
(Quote) Lina-796057 said: Paul, sounds like maybe you should invite Maia to CM Phoenix....
(Quote) Lina-796057 said:

Paul, sounds like maybe you should invite Maia to CM Phoenix....


10/13/2012 new

(Quote) David-364112 said: (Quote) Mary-25961 said: Oh so by your standards the virtuous woma...
(Quote) David-364112 said:

Mary-25961 said:

Oh so by your standards the virtuous woman are judged whether they are worthy or not



Your previous posts go on and on about virtuous chaste woman, who hide behind this and are dysfunctional and do not how to form a relationship with a man. You have indicated many, many times how someone who have been single and never married and live the teachings of the church when it comes to sex, are incapable of a mature loving relationship and hide behind their "virtuous" mentality and choose to use the church's stance on chastity as a way to hide behind their dysfunction. So that is why I indicated what I wrote that it is according to your standards in your dating life that woman who are virtuous, are they worthy or not of a healthy dating relationship?

So that means that a man like yourself who was married and divorced, came from a healthy relationship and therefore entitles him to be a candidate for another marriage scratchchin I am by far not saying that men women who have been married and divorced were the cause or could not live successful, healthy and holy marriages with the right spouse. Unlike you David, I do not judge a person because of their past relationships, or their wanting to live a virtuous life, whether they have been married previously or single.

As a single woman who has never been married and trying to live within the teaching the Church I find your posts offensive and poisoning to others, who may have a tendency to believe what you are writing is correct.

The main thing for a healthy relationship is to observe the person and judge them in all areas of their life.

Now do you understand what I wrote wave

10/13/2012 new
Hi Marian!

I also wish men would ask more questions. crossfingers

We are all on here for a purpose to hopefully meet someone....if it is not a romantic partner, friends are just as great. But yes, I agree if some men would ask more questions, that would open up the conversation. One question leads to another and so forth....that's how people get to know each other.

I don't want the same question: What's your phone number? rolling eyes

I don't mind giving out my phone number....until after there has been an established conversation, via email or message; and if i feel that there could possibly be a connection.

Perfect example....just today I visited the chat room..I was asked to chat....I accepted, nothing wrong with soon as i agreed to chat, the message i got was: what's your phone number. here's mine?" my response: sorry to sound like a prude, but i don't like to just give out my phone number. He instantly closed the chat...(???) eyepopping (I couldn't help but laugh.)

The whole point to my post is....(this is what i would like...) don't just ask for a phone number, compliment someone on their profile, pictures, or ask how their day is going....that's how a good conversations starts...friendships could develop, and then maybe blossom to more. there's nothing wrong in taking a inbox is full of "waiting to respond's", and i am ok with it. I am taking a chance...that's why i am here.

God Bless....and awesome post the way....there is nothing "sexist" as to how you titled your post. smile

~francis You get a Gold Star!
10/13/2012 new

:Ask the Lady Whats on my plate? scratchchin stir the pot! Its getting cold!
However you could be in for a terrible fate wide eyed duck
She could have an awful fit hissyfit
Perhaps she wont like it a bit irked
For this you must be very brave knight-errant
She might yell,IM NOT YOUR SLAVE hissyfit
So,the best thing to do is send out for a meal for two angel
The way no one will be sorry and blue. soapbox

10/13/2012 new
(Quote) Brian-252799 said: :Ask the Lady Whats on my plate? However you could be in for a terrible fate She could have an awfu...
(Quote) Brian-252799 said:

:Ask the Lady Whats on my plate?
However you could be in for a terrible fate
She could have an awful fit
Perhaps she wont like it a bit
For this you must be very brave
She might yell,IM NOT YOUR SLAVE
So,the best thing to do is send out for a meal for two
The way no one will be sorry and blue.


laughing laughing laughing laughing I like this
10/14/2012 new

I am glad that this topic was made. I have read through a lot of it and appreciate some of the things brought up in the posts. I do see the importance of asking questions in building intimate relationships. I think one of the benefits of asking a relevant question or two early on in the relationship is the creation of healthy boundaries. It maybe un-comfortable to ask questions that get to the inner-person, especially when I stumble upon a sensitive issue. This is where the willingness to accept if the other person doesn't talk about it in detail may shine. I am not going to expect someone to trust me if I can't respect respect their boundaries. I also don't want to purposely poke and prod, trying to hit a nerve. Please, anybody with insights on what questions go to far or don't go far enough, let me know.

10/14/2012 new

If it isn't there you can't do anything about it. After six months it just was not there...duh

What did you do those six months? Think about it..did you hold hands? Did you open doors? It takes a lot of kindness to build a relationship and maybe questions will not get it for you but sharing kindness works for me more than anything.

10/14/2012 new

I think questions are important for both men and women to get to know each other. However, I have found that sometimes questions are asked too quickly. They can be asked as if you are being interviewed. I don't like that.

10/14/2012 new

I realize I'm jumping in at the end of this, but if there is interest, don't the questions follow naturally? Barring nerves, insecurities, shyness or the myriad of quirks that are potentially exposed on a first date, unless there is obvious incompatability, wouldn't it be in everyone's best interest to give each other another chance?

Having a premade list of questions gives me the visual of speed dating. We need to throw away our timelines. Good relationships develop over time, they don't magically appear. It takes work from both parties, just like marriage. There is never going to be someone that is 100% of our ideal. It is up to us to discern which of those things that go against our grain, that we can tolerate and see the good beyond the imperfection.

I haven't read everything that has been posted. This is just my take on the overall topic.

10/14/2012 new

Sorry... but it's been a while! tongue

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