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This room is for supportive and informative discussion about divorce and/or the annulment process. All posters must have been previously divorced or annulled.

Saint Eugene De Mazenod is patron of dysfunctional families & Saint Fabiola obtained a divorce from her first husband prior to devoting her life to charitable works.
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eyepopping boggled

My divorce and annullment are both final. So, one would THINK that I could, oh, say, maybe not keep my attorney on retainer for the rest of my life!!!!! But, the way my ex is behaving, refusing to comply with court orders, the MDA, refusing to pay medical bills for his daughter just because he does not "like" the way the bill is laid out on paper, every time I turn around, there is something....He did not want to give me our child's insurance card - he has had since April to give it to me, and he just gave it to me October 21. Because he refused to do it, or just decided he did not have to, now there's a huge bill...I had to pay it otherwise she does not get her medicine for a serious medical condition....He did the same thing to me, not paying the COBRA bill as agreed to our MDA, my insurance was cancelled, and now there are over 100K in medical bills....

surprised weeping

I do not want to do this, but I have a meeting with my attorney tomorrow. We have threatened and threatened, and now it's time to just put the peddle to the metal and set a court date. I sure do hate to take him back to court, but I am left with no choice but to bring this before a judge.

sorry I am trying so hard not to be upset. It takes a lot to make me angry. But by not giving the insurance card, then refusing to pay this bill, he has put our daughter's health in jeopardy. I texted him to let him know, and his response was "forgive me if I don't lose any sleep over this". OH MY WORD!!!!! wide eyed Seriously? That is our child's health.

More than anything, I hate to feel like I am being a horse's patooty, but I just don't see any other way. Talking is not working. Has anyone else had to take an ex back to court over non-compliance more than once????? irked Blinded by love And did i put enough emoticons in here? (Sorry, I like those things. ARGH!!!!!!

Oct 24th 2012 new

No, thankfully I didn't have to. But you have to do the right thing by your daughter. Can you file the insurance claims after the fact? It would seem you would have a time frame to get it done. Good luck Celia!

Oct 24th 2012 new

I dont have an atty but it seems like I could use a P.I. for I have no idea where my kids dad (my ex) lives. I get zero child support, except currently a portion out of his unemployment, which is not going to last forever.

I am living off of a settlement I received in Aug 2011 and that will be exhausted with in a year. I face losing my home, where 3 of my kids live with me. I am about to be default in the Truck payments. And I have resorted to cleaning homes for cash (enough for gas in my truck!) since I cant find (2+ years) of searching and applying and getting rejection letters - any significant or ample work. sad

rose I so feel your appears you have no choice but to move forward with the case and get these bills settled and fight for your daughters health care needs.

I have asthma and thankfully state of Illinois is taking care of my medical needs, only because I have 3 minors on KIds care.

Its so hard and I am just beginning the annulment, papers mailed today... I will pray for a positive outcome for you.

Prayers and Peace,

Oct 24th 2012 new

Prayers for all of you. Praying

I had a pro-bono attorney through Tubman, a resource for domestic violence survivors. Things ended badly and I am living with my father as the "visiting" parent. The ex is now working again (after being fired right before our court date - no child support or spousal maintenance) and is keeping everything afloat now, even house-hunting with his girlfriend (intending to blend her family with his - how sweet). We could all write an encyclopedia on marital devestation, huh?

At least I can see my kids. At least I'm not homeless (if it were not for my dad, I would be). At least I have some work. Above all, at least I have my God.

The pro-bono ran for the hills after we settled. I could never afford to hire an attorney to try to set things right here. I have to simply accept what is.

Pray and fast. theheart

Oct 25th 2012 new

I see some real nightmare stories from CM women on Facebook who are trying to deal with lunatic ex-husbands.. You are not alone, I can tell you that..

Oct 25th 2012 new
Dont forget some CM men had lunatic wives!!! I will say my evening rosary for you and your needs Rebecca.
Oct 25th 2012 new
And for Alice and Celia!!
Oct 25th 2012 new

fluffy Wow! I am so glad to see I am not alone in dealing with this type of problem! And, yes, Tim, men deal with it too. I guess it was a little bit sexist to say "women".

I thought I would update my post..I prayed and prayed about it, and decided it is time to stand and fight or he will continue to just do as he pleases, not following the court order or parenting plan. I had a conference with my attorney today and we are suing for civil and criminal contempt of court to get the orders enforced. If he won't listen to me, or my attorney or his that he needs to follow what the judge said to do, maybe he will listen with a second trip to court. I sure don't like doing this, though!

Oct 25th 2012 new

Thank you, Tim! rosary

Oct 25th 2012 new

thank you Tim :) theheart rosary

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