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Oct 7th 2012 new

Morning person - 4:30 am.

Oct 7th 2012 new

Morning for the most part. Usually at least twice a week I start work at 4AM, so that means a 3 or 2:30 AM wake up. (The cats enjoy breakfast at that hour and expect it every day now.) Flip side is it means a very early bedtime which was difficult in the Summer when it was still light out at 8 or 9PM. If I can nap in the afternoon I can keep going a little while into the evening. I am on vacation this week, so I may be able to see where my real natural rhythm is. Zzzzzz.

Oct 8th 2012 new

(Quote) Kathy-635104 said: Hmmm...I go to bed around 11 or 12 and I'm up by 4:30 or 5. What does that make me? One that ...
(Quote) Kathy-635104 said:

Hmmm...I go to bed around 11 or 12 and I'm up by 4:30 or 5. What does that make me? One that doesn't want to miss out on anything I guess!


I'm like this, I go to bed late and am up at 4:10, 5 if I'm not leaving the house early or don't have anything to do that morning.

Oct 8th 2012 new

Morning person for sure. Sunrise

Oct 13th 2012 new
Hello Tom!

I am both a morning person and a night person. Though, if I become a night person for too long; it is hard to get back to being a morning person, too!
Oct 13th 2012 new


Clearly, I am a morning person. I have not used any kind of alarm clock in years! I just wake up - anywhere between 4 am to 5 am. I too love the quiet of the morning. I say my morning prayers before I even get out of bed. My "good morning" to God is what starts my day off on the right foot! Although it is now dark in the morning, I still love my early morning time.

I walk my dog, Jens past all the dark houses of sleeping people, just he and I in the now crisp Fall New England air. And soon our feet will be crunching over a soft blanket of un-tracked white fleece. The first tracks of the morning!

But, the down side of being a morning person is that I usually go to bed with the birds! *laugh*

Oct 13th 2012 new

A night owl for most of my life;now a mixture of both.

Oct 26th 2012 new

Night owl wink

Oct 26th 2012 new

fluffy Totally a morning person. I'd go to work for 5am if I had to. However, by about 2pm my brain starts shutting off! night owl days are long gone!!!! biggrin

Oct 27th 2012 new

I'm both actually. maybe slightly more of a morning person. but not by much. just barely. One day though, something will have to give. My hunch is that I will end up a morning person moreso than a night owl

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