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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

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Oct 7th 2012 new
(Quote) Cathy-620979 said: She's an idiot. Why pay attention to her? S...
(Quote) Cathy-620979 said:

She's an idiot.

Why pay attention to her?

She also promotes anti-vaccine paranoia.

I agree with Cathy.

McCarthy already earned a reputation for scaremongering parents so they don't vaccinate their children. Even after it was proven that the (later-retracted) Wakefield study, containing an ridiculously small sample size of 12, was fraudulent - with deliberately falsified data - she still believes it.

It's not that she questioned the role childhood vaccinations might play in the onset of autism (the hypothesis certainly needed exploration), but the way she used her celebrity status to convince parents not to vaccinate their children really bothered me. She put many children at risk. Further, her haughty disrespectful demeanor demonstrated by talking over pediatricians on panel discussions amazed me. She is an actress - a far cry from a medical expert.

Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds -

Autism researcher faked info in study that linked vaccines and autism, new report finds -

Good investigative reporting may finally debunk the myth that vaccines cause -autism
Oct 7th 2012 new

I just read it via your link. Wow. Yes, I cringed. Playboy and Catholic - two terms that are hard to put in one sentence. Yes, I admire her "work ethic"???? if you can call it that. But did she really have to bring up the Catholic Church? Bottom line to the story, God gave her beauty. She stripped and used it to make money, instead of using her head to make money. Then she turned her back on Him. Not exactly someone to admire.

Oct 28th 2012 new
Cathy what do you mean by anti-vaccine paranoia?
Oct 28th 2012 new

Oh, that's a big topic that I don't want to go into here. The UK seemed to have it before the US had it. But Jenny McCarthy was one of the people saying kids should not get vaccinated.

These websites are old and a little inflammatory, but they get the message across.

Oct 28th 2012 new

Oh, I have something to say about this topic! For starters, she ought to be ashamed of herself taking off her clothes for pictures. That's low, and doing it when you have a child is even worse.

Secondly, I have a VERY VERY unique view of this business about the vaccinations.....See, what most people don't realize is that there are people LIKE ME walking around, teaching school, who also have a rare genetic immune disease that require expensive treatment, AND makes us far more susceptible to illness. So, having these kids NIT be vaccinated is VERY VERY dangerous for some people. Even cancer patients who are on chemo and have compromised immune systems are unnecessarily put at risk for dying because of the actions of people like her.

Just going to Walmart, I am taking my life in my hands because, there may be kids there who are not vaccinate who have contracted something and who is not yet symptomatic. I wonder if this lady thinks about the fact that some of us could actually die from the nonsense she spouts.

Oct 28th 2012 new

(Quote) Melanie-894195 said:
(Quote) Melanie-894195 said:

how do we teach young women to value their beauty and their bodies with modesty, to help them see that by doing so they are glorifying God for His creation and helping young men to walk with more virtue,


Even with all that is on tv and iin other forms of media there are ways to teach modesty. One such program is Secret Keeper Girls. It teaches modesty from a christian perspective and keeps God in the picture. They even give pointers to girls on how to decide if a piece of clothing is modest or not. A secular program that is battling media is Misrepresentation.

All I can say about Jenny is that I feel pity for her for just not getting who God really is and What He stands for. All we can do is pray for people like her and shield our children from the effects as best as possible.

Dec 22nd 2012 new

I think it was Pope Benedict who said we live under a tyranny of relativism...

Dec 22nd 2012 new

At least she believes in God. That's more than most will say. From my take on it and I may have missed something, she didn't promote her way of life or even say it was the correct way of life. The very title says confessions of a recovering Catholic seems to acknowledge that her way of life is flawed. Again I may have missed something but it seemed like she just acknowedged why she did what she did and why she chooses to still do it. What God will judge her for, I don't know, nor can any of us, but it seems like there is more hope for this person down the road than many others in similar situations.

Dec 23rd 2012 new

Contrast McCarthy's story to that of former Playmate & Baywatch babe, Donna D'Errico. D'Errico it seems, has come around the other way.

Dec 24th 2012 new

My thoughts? I am not in a position to judge her nor her actions. I leave that call for God to make. I will be glad if she returns back to the fold and live by the dictates of the faith.

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