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Small wonders

Nov 4th 2012 new

I saw this room, and had to share: Once, about 3 years ago, I was in desperate need of my keys, I had to go babysit my friend's daughter and had been looking for my keys for nearly an hour! I checked everywhere I had been, looked through my clothes, all my purses, in my car and felt at an utter loss. I went outside on the porch and prayed to St. Joseph (I love that guy) And like a Miracle, within 1 minute an image came to me of my keys in the pocket of a jacket I had already checked twice! I did not remember putting them there, but there was the image. I ran straight to the jacket and checked the pocket again for a third time and there they somehow were! Thank you, Joseph, again, I will never forget it :)

Does anybody else have something like this they'd like to share?

Nov 4th 2012 new

When in need to find something that is lost, pray to St. Anthony. He has bailed me out more times than I can ever remember.


Nov 4th 2012 new
I have found that God talks to us in the quiet of our hearts. I was recently praying before the blessed sacrament alone in the church when I could feel myself being comforted as though someone had given me a physical hug. I also smelled roses about that time and I was praying in front of the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary. I love it when you feel that supernatural blessing while praying....When I shared it with my Priest he said that's nice but you know you can pray anywhere, anytime you need his help? I also love that my Priest helps keep me focused on what is important in life. He would drive anywhere within driving distance to administer communion & the Anointing of the Sick. We are very blessed to have an active Priest that volunteers his own time to go to three Prisons for ministry....among his other time that he devotes to his vocation......
Nov 6th 2012 new

Yup....Our Lady and Saint Anthony have helped me recover my passport, my rosary (sentimental value) and (oh yes!) the infamous car keys.

Nov 7th 2012 new

St Anthony has helped me find keys, my phone, a book and currently praying to him to find sheet music I lost :)

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