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This room is for supportive and informative discussion about divorce and/or the annulment process. All posters must have been previously divorced or annulled.

Saint Eugene De Mazenod is patron of dysfunctional families & Saint Fabiola obtained a divorce from her first husband prior to devoting her life to charitable works.
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I'm meeting with my former pastor tomorrow to sign the initial paperwork and give it to him to get the process stared. Sometimes I feel like an annulment is a cop-out. I know our marriage was bad and we had significant issues since we started dating but I still struggle with this. Has anyone else felt this?

Nov 4th 2012 new

Yes, I totally feel the same way. boggled

Nov 4th 2012 new

Oh absolutely! My finished papers sat on my desk for a few months, because I had twinges of "Is this the right course of action?" yada yada...

I am very glad that I went through with it, though. It brought me closer to heaven in a way my ex never did! I hope you found it healing. Try not to worry about the rest. Give it to God.

Nov 4th 2012 new

Thank you, ladies. I feel much better after meeting with my pastor today and will see where this takes me. It is in God's hands and a necessary step in moving forward.

Nov 5th 2012 new

i just submitted mine as well days ago. i am nervous. i have mixed thoughts as well. i even still have strange random thoughts of asking him to move in my bsmt just to see if kids lives will make a difference since he bowed out and doesnt see them or support them etc.

i still talk to him occasional txt or call but nothing stable and he still wont give up where he lives etc and lives a very secret life.

its so hard, and i dont feel optimistic about the process - but again its in GODS hands or is it? I thought out marriage was in Gods hands. Now awaiting the results (may take years) of this annulment and being on edge if my ex gets word of this and then is even more irate upset and distant or potentially the opposite, becomes abusive somehow then steps its up with kids and manipulates them. i know i worry toooo much...

good luck keep me posted!



Nov 5th 2012 new

Good luck to each of you. it is nice to have it behind you.

Nov 5th 2012 new

Hope everything goes well for you. I guess that means we are on the same path. Today (11/6/12) I mailed my formal marriage case questionnaire back to the Chancery. That's the one filed under oath. And that's the one that states it may take as long as a year with no guarantee. I actually started the process back in May at my parish and then with a Deacon to help me organize it properly. Lots of delays on my part trying to make sure everything is stated correctly, etc. And lots and lots of reflection about the past.

In any case, let me again pass along my good wishes for you.

Nov 6th 2012 new

Thank you, Dennis. I guess I don't know what the rest of the process will entail but it's finally started. Can I ask you a question? Do they give you any sort of confirmation that they received it? I let everything with my advocate and he is sending it in with the form he needs to fill out?

Nov 7th 2012 new

Hello sisters, I'm in Australia, I posted my initial papers today... I'm quite nervous and hope so much it will go through ok... I separated over 7 years ago and divorced in early 2007... no kids involved... I feel sad but relieved too if that makes any sense at all... blessings to all of you!

Nov 7th 2012 new

Woops sorry- and brothers!!!!! blessings to you too!

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