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Someone (fairly high -tech) recommended that I purchase a Google Nexus 7. I'm looking for something smaller/lighter than my laptop to take with me to Puerto Vallarta next week. My hotel has Wi-fi, and so I'm looking for something fairly inexpensive to use internet/check email/etc. I understand this tablet one can also download books, I think. I'm very LOW-TECH! So, I need something really easy to start using!!!.

I also need something I can purchase and get by Tuesday. Since I live in Chicago, I was hoping there might be a Black Friday Sale on this somewhere, but the best prices for the lower version (I think it's 16 rather than 32) still seem to be higher in stores here than on the internet where it appears to be $199. In fact both Walmart and Staples only seem to have the 32 (is it MB or KB) version which I don't think I need, but honestly I don't have a clue as to whether it might have something I would use in future. I am not looking for something to play games on, but I wouldn't mind having something I could view movies on.

So, HELP please! Any advice is appreciated. And, if anyone bought it on the internet and knows a good price (that I could have it shipped quickly from) please let me know. Thank you and blessings to you for helping out this low-tech CM member who is trying slowly to get up to speed.biggrin

Nov 22nd 2012 new
biggrin I suggest to get an ipad, they also have a new mini one out right now. It is worth it.
Nov 22nd 2012 new

(Quote) Cindy-534370 said: I suggest to get an ipad, they also have a new mini one out right now. It is worth it.
(Quote) Cindy-534370 said: I suggest to get an ipad, they also have a new mini one out right now. It is worth it.

Cindy, do you know what the difference is between an ipad and a nexus 7? At home, I use a Dell PC notebook. So, I'm not an Apple person, and I think the ipad is Apple, isn't it?

Nov 22nd 2012 new

Some ideas:

Visit Walmart, Sears, or Staples to try one out and ask questions. To speed things up, visit their websites to find out which store near you has them in stock.

You could also Google- Nexus 7- to find stores nearby that have them in stock.

Best Buy carries ipads so you can try them out and ask questions.

I really don't know anything about the ipad or nexus 7. I do have an ibook, pc and netbook which meets my needs and have had no problem with travel. I prefer a pc, too.

Nov 22nd 2012 new
No I don't know much about nexus 7, but I do know that ipad is the best to have, I have aHP computer , you don't need an Apple to have an ipod or ipad or iphone, it plugs into your PC and you download Itunes, that is where it activates everything and you download apps, music, movies, book etc...just aout everything, it comes either with wi-fi or both internet, Att or Verizon, it is better for me, I got both wifi and internet, it is very awesome to have, can take it anywhere, receive all your emails , it's like a a small computer. It is well worth having. Get it for black Friday.
Nov 24th 2012 new
Not sure Patricia. The one thing I've heard is that it may require use of cloud computing as opposed to storage on the hard drive. Some folks may like that though. I'm certainly not an expert, but that was the one thing I heard that was different, not necessarily better or worse.
Nov 25th 2012 new

I am sorry to say that buying a tablet is like buying a car. To many models and options.

An option if you are eligible is a cell phone upgrade.

I web story that I came across list some options available.

I saw a number of low cost generic tablets in this weekends sales flyers.

A lot depends on your intentions after the trip, either use it or let it sit around.

Another option is to buy it down there. I do not know the currency conversion as well as any customs charges to bring it back.

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