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Oct 19th 2012 new

mischievous I've think my profile and interview is fun and i reach out to say hello, but never get responses from the ladies.

Why do i feel like a ghost on this site and I profess that I love the faith as well.

There are some attractive ladies and i think there not showing a lil love for the guys... just my impression.

Oct 19th 2012 new

I like profiles with interviews. The interview is another piece in the puzzle, I think. I've come across so many profiles that provide only the barest of bare bones, so any additional insight into the person behind the words is helpful. Plus, some of them are fun!

I created an interview for my own profile and always look forward to reading the responses.

Nov 4th 2012 new
I have a set of interview questions but I haven't had anyone take it. If the women have one I take it. I figure its a way for them to get to know a little about me. The questions are a little generic but it's better than nothing in my option.
Nov 5th 2012 new

(Quote) Mary-583970 said: I mean, I just plain like taking them. I think most people do. It's a good ice breaker, and la...
(Quote) Mary-583970 said:

I mean, I just plain like taking them. I think most people do. It's a good ice breaker, and last I saw you can customize them- mine is pretty interesting and I had fun writing it. So why not make one for the ladies to check?


For my part, I have some interview questions, but only set it up recently. I'd have to say it boils down to sheer laziness for me. I wasn't too interested in setting one up, because I'm none too creative when it comes to questions and answers and it figured it would take a long time to set up. On top of that you have the factors other men have mentioned, being, there doesn't seem to be much interest in the interviews. So, the logic in my mind says, "why set one up if it's tough to set up and little effort will be made in participating?". Hate to be negative, I'm not trying to be, but rather trying to be real about it. I must admit that it was easier than I thought setting up interview questions.

Nov 13th 2012 new
Maybe it looks that way because we "girls" like to talk and get to know people. And men r a little more reserved.
Nov 23rd 2012 new

I never thought the interview part seemed like that big of a deal but after reading this, maybe I'll create one.

Nov 25th 2012 new

Alright, now I have basically a rough draft of an interview using a combination of the available questions and some of my own. I'll probably go back and change it up a little over time. But I guess its kind of fun.

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