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Hello everione:

I love videogames and I decide to start a new theme about this topic. My favourite games was de Graphic Advetures of Lucasfilm and Lucasarts. Nowadays I play Uncharted a mix about adventure and puzzels, because is not very popular de Graphic Adventures today. How about you? What is your favourite game? See you:


Nov 25th 2012 new
Salvy, First post alert! Welcome to the forums! I've always wanted to say that. Let's see you posted this 10 days ago and so far zero responses. Let's see if we can't get the ball rolling and get some traction here, maybe get some interest going. I have not played many of the new games, but I have a few of the ancient games that come to mind. First most recently a few years back I would play Mario Kart with my nieces. I tell them to this day that I was the king of Baby Park which was one of the tracks. They used to laugh at me because I would hurt my thumb because I always pushed the controller as hard as I could, somehow thinking my car would go faster. We had a blast playing that game. Now flash back to the 1980s. My siblings, friends and I used to play Super Mario Bros. and I got good enough to save the princess. Wasted a lot of time on that one. Now go farther back in time. Old video games that my friends and I would play at a place called Fun and Games. Qbert was a game that I wasted hours and hours of my life on. Mr Do was another game my friends and I mastered. But the game I was most adept at was Galaxian. I had the high score of 208000 at Fun and Games which I doubt was ever broken on that machine. I was aided by an unhealthy dose of Mountain Dew (is there any such thing as a healthy dose of that? It took me years to break that addiction). So that's it for me in a nutshell. Of all the games, that Galaxian score was my proudest accomplishment. Thanks buddy, great topic! God bless. John
Nov 25th 2012 new

Nice! I like somo people here loves videogames too. My favourite saga of games was Monkey Island, is a saga started by Ron Gilbert and Tim Schaffer (I'm not sure about this second but he made a lot of Graphric Adventures in Lucasarts).

I love the Mario Kart saga, I think the best of all was Mario Kart Wii, I really love it and the Internet versus, was awesome. I spent one of the best moments playing videogames with friends: try it is awesome, for example play the Goldeneye from Nintendo 64 with friend I asure you a lot of laughts. And play any cooperative Mario was awesome too, you can cooperate or... contraooperate, is really funny. See you:


Nov 25th 2012 new
Awesome. One of my favorite memories of Mario Kart was one of the tracks, I forget the name, but it was a mountainous one with a bridge near the end of the circuit. Every time around I would drive off that bridge, and lose to my nieces. Well one time I was playing my niece Theresa, and by some miraculous luck I got a big lead, she had a few accidents and I was driving great. But then on the last circuit I came to that bridge and slowed down to a crawl to not drive off it. Well I made it safely over the bridge but there she comes flying past me full speed and passes me at the finish line! Ouch! I'll never live it down.
Dec 2nd 2012 new
It was DK Mountain by the way. I can still see her flying past me at the finish line. I'll never get over it I'm afraid.
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