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Oct 22nd 2012 new

Once sent, you can't.

Oct 22nd 2012 new

You can archive them, or wait and they will automatically archive after a period of time.. I never delet anything because I know it's going to disappear anyway..

Nov 26th 2012 new

Thank you both, for your reply. Will just wait, as advised. Happy Holidays to all.

Dec 10th 2012 new

Vic is right saying that once a message is sent, you can't cancel it. Others were (besides myself) looking for the word "delete" to no avail. There were postings about that issue since the communication system was changed by administration. They lumped all communication between members of this site and called it a "conversation." Aren''t they going to soon tweak the communication system? I wish they would "keep it simple like it used to be.
I chose to not access the system for several months because of it and came back only because of the emails piling up. I communicate more using my
outside email address and others on the site have also experienced difficulties and suggested doing so.

Glad to hear the messages eventually disappear. Does anyone know the time frame?

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