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Dec 2nd 2012 new

The way I see it is to respect everyone's choice in life. I see it as a lifestyle I don't agree on. I don't agree with many other religions, I don't agree with people having premarital sex, I don't agree with people using provanity and I don't agree with people who are pursuing their homosexual feelings. But it is not my place to judge any of these people, all I can do is decide what is right for me and let people decide what's right for them. I remember a girl who was living with her boyfriend and she asked about how I look at relationships and love. She asked so I gave her my view. She seemed upset and asked me if she thinks she is going to hell for living with her boyfriend and not being married. I told her "I am not God, I can not judge what is right or wrong for you. You asked for my opinion and how I want to live my life when it comes to love". So the same thing goes with homosexuality. I remember in high school having a couple of teachers who were gay or lesbian. I then and now don't agree with their lifestyle. But they were excellent teachers and very nice. They were good in their job, what their personal life was, was non of business. I do draw a line to what extend I let people in my personal life. But always be friendly, respectful and treat people equal no matter how they live their lives. Only God can judge!

Dec 2nd 2012 new
I went into the Library of Congress and retrieved a copy of a 1990 book called "After the Ball," which was written in the aftermath of ACT UP's invasion of St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1989.

The book established the PR blueprint that the gay movement has used ever since.

It sets out in vivid detail a "propaganda" campaign aimed at forcing heterosexuals to accept homosexuality. The number one thing was convincing people that being homosexual was inborn. (The author concedes otherwise.) The other thing was drumming the drag queens and pederasts out of the corps to make it seem that homosexual relationships were the same as heterosexual ones.

20 years later, we see their adaptation of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" has worked because people follow the crowd and don't want their neighbors to think they are insensitive.

Perhaps, it's time to start working to get heterosexuals to realize they are a loud-mouthed statistically irrelevant part of the population.

Regarding. same-sex "marriage," studies have shown that those who contract those fictitious marriages account for less than 1 percent of the population wherever it is legal. I prefer calling it "marriage mockery."

Same-sex marriage has less to do with the gays than it does with the radicals on the left who have been intent on destroying the institution of marriage since the time of Marx. Many of the same people who agitate for same-sex marriage today are the same ones who went around saying "smash monogamy" in the 1960s.
Dec 2nd 2012 new
If we take egalitarianism to its absurd extreme then God and the Devil are both equal.
Dec 2nd 2012 new

I think I understand what you're trying to say, and that just shows that we are not in heaven. Something interesting the priest said today is this world is filled with injustice, with evil and we as humans are not capable of changing all this in good as we are all sinners. That is why we need our savior. Stick to your beliefs and never let anyone and definitely not society change what you know is right! But we do have to survive in this society so all you can do is make the right decisions for yourself. Never be afraid to express your opinion, but at the same there is no need in prosecuting those who do not want to listen to what is the right path. If they are not hurting anyone, let them be and draw your boundaries with these persons.

Dec 2nd 2012 new
(Quote) David-364112 said: Love them. Treat them with respect and dignity just as Christ treated the Samaritan woman ...
(Quote) David-364112 said:

Love them. Treat them with respect and dignity just as Christ treated the Samaritan woman at the well. Don't try to convince them of anything. Your heart is much more effective than words.


Beatutifully said David.

I have several cousins who are gay. The heartbreaking stories about how they were treated growing up at school because they were "different" and how they are treated by their (my) own family makes me cry. Some of my own family memebers have shunned them. They've suffered enough and I will not add to that suffering. I will always love them and never turn my back on them as much as I disagree with their lifstyle. If I get married one day, my husband will have to accept them also- that I will make sure of before the fact.
Dec 2nd 2012 new
(Quote) Casey-637092 said: Hey Joachim,Love the sinner , hate the sin , is a good rule no matter what. People lov...
(Quote) Casey-637092 said:

Hey Joachim,

Love the sinner , hate the sin , is a good rule no matter what.

People love to be loved . we are all sinners . Let your friend know that your position is based on the inerrant word of God and you are thete for him should he like to discuss it further .

Once a suggestion , twice a form of control



Yes, we are all sinners. Everyone needs to remember that before we point fingers and condemn others.
Dec 2nd 2012 new
(Quote) John-220051 said: What I don't get is why people are so obsessed with homosexuality considering that less that 2 percent of the p...
(Quote) John-220051 said: What I don't get is why people are so obsessed with homosexuality considering that less that 2 percent of the population is homosexual.

That 2% must all be concentreated here in NYC because I feel the percentage is much higher than that.
Dec 2nd 2012 new
Countless surveys and the census show 2 percent. Feeling and knowing are two unrelated things. Some areas such as S.F. and the Village have higher concentrations, but globally and nationally people who are exclusively homosexual is between 1 and 2 percent.

And those who contract same-sex "marriages" where it is legal is less than 1 percent. (Netherlands, Massachusetts, etc.)
Dec 2nd 2012 new
The other thing we cannot forget is that homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness for political rather than scientific reasons.
Dec 2nd 2012 new

Dudde, just dont give up. You sound a little confused in you post. Take a deep breath and ask your self why if you put a virginia and a penis sise by side why would a dude a reasonable dude, an every day joe, pick the latter, rather than the former. This guy John says " that homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness for political rather than scientific reasons." no, no, no. Every American is endowed some more than others, with the right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happoiness. I have been to the mountain and seen the light, and broke back mountain just dont work. How do you justify it, Like ! Fred I love you, and I am going to give you the worse case of hemroids you ever had, Now thats a real friend. Whats an enemy like ?

Look at Iran, Afganistan, Iraq, they have differebnt rules in that country - i mean everything is on the plate - nothing is safe, Not boy or beast. And, that was the seat of religeon. Somebody had to speak up and then they nailed him to a cross. Its a strange, strange world master John. just strange.

The gays fight for equality and the other benefits allotted to heterosexual coupples. They deserve rights and benefits, but where is the conflict with some of the writters, behind every gay dude is an older gay dude bringing him into the flock. Science and Psychiatry and the APA did not say that they have a mental illness, only religeon does or the dudes they are scared of them. Its not like a viris one can catch. Science needs to develop a colar that when a gay dude approaches a 13,14, 15, 16, or 17 year old dude that is delivers a 30,000 volt charge on and on for about 60 seconds.

Man and woman were meant to be with each other. Its like pie and ice cream warmed of course or right out of the oven. But if some like ice cream and ice cream we dont throw it in the trash. Its a strange world - why shun or make people outcasts when it might have not have been their fault in the first place.

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