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Dec 4th 2012 new

(Quote) Conor-267352 said: This posting was locked from 6 months ago & just wanted to put my two cents in on this subjec...
(Quote) Conor-267352 said:

This posting was locked from 6 months ago & just wanted to put my two cents in on this subject. When responding to an emoticon or message, it depends mostly on basic common ground, it really depends upon what kind of commonalities a man & a woman would have, so if I don't have that much in common w/ a woman, I'm not likely to respond, just because there's not much to go on if you don't have all that much in common w/ one another. As far as the distance thing goes, its just far too difficult, it requires MAJOR sacrifices on both the man & the woman which can take a rather emotional toll depending upon the circumstances involved, this can often lead to a deterioration of the relationship, so things could go S unless both agree to work incredibly hard at it & the sacrifices both make are worth in the end. Pesonally, in my situation, I would need a woman to relocate for me, however, for me to ask such a thing to begin w/ would incredibly selfish of me, so its not something I'm going to ask it despite my own wishes or desires, it wouldn't be fair of me to even go there. So going to say that the whole distance thing is just way to hard in my case anyway.


If someone takes the initiative and makes contact, it's common courtesy to reply. You can do it in such a way so as to indicate you have no interest in a relationship, but a reply is in order. (I would say it is more in order if a woman initiates the contact, because I think it's harder for a woman to do so.)

I am surprised to see all of the time and effort a woman (in my case. Yes, girls, men are just as rude.) will put into a profile and about all of the devotion she apparently has, but her inability to simply say, "thank you for your thoughts" speaks volumes. (It's my personal category of "class;" it's a deal-breaker.)

If you get a sincere message from someone, respond. Even if you have no interest in her.

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