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This room is for the discussion of prayer life, posting prayers of the Church and prayer requests.

Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.
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Dec 6th 2012 new
I'm sorry. I meant your friend is blessed to have you.
Dec 6th 2012 new

Celia, I am so sorry you are going through this. You have been given a great gift to have a friend like her. It's ok if you are not always so strong. Just be yourself. I think if you ask her about what is going on, you'll find that she is experiencing a peaceful calmness. I know so many hospice workers that tell me they learn more about living from the people nearing the end of this life.

It is horrible to lose a best friend. I pray that both of you have the time you need to transition and that you are able to look past the last days and find joy in all you have shared together.

Take good care.

Dec 6th 2012 new

Praying rosary Praying hug

Dec 6th 2012 new

Praying rosary


Dec 6th 2012 new

Celia, I'm so sorry this is happening. Pray and love. Be there. Trust in God's mercy. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

Prayers for the dying to the Sacred Heart are very good. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is also powerful and comforting.

Both devotions focus on the bottomless mercy of Jesus.

The Rosary is another powerfulprayer for the dying.

There are other specific prayers for the dying.

Heart of Jesus, once in agony, pity the dying. theheart

Dec 7th 2012 new

Celia, if I could, I would stretch my arms out to offer you another set of hands to pray with...but know that I will keep your loved one and you in my prayers tonight. Rejoice in her homecoming, and though you ache for the loss, find solace in the joy and love you've shared over the years. hug

She will NEVER be far away from you.... Praying rosary theheart

Dec 7th 2012 new

I will just chime in with everyone else on the Divine Mercy. I was fortunate enough to have been able to pray it over my father's death bed. The graces that flowed from Jesus' ocean of mercy was incredible.

For the sake of HIS sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Dec 7th 2012 new

Praying rosary theheart God grant her rest and salvation.

Dec 7th 2012 new

Will offer First Friday prayers to the Sacred Heart at Mass today for your friend. theheart

Dec 7th 2012 new

(Quote) Celia-821539 said: Someone I love very deeply is dying. She has been sick for a long time, and she is finally going ...
(Quote) Celia-821539 said:

Someone I love very deeply is dying. She has been sick for a long time, and she is finally going to enjoy peace.

Her journey and mine have paralleled in that we both deal with similar illnesses on a daily basis. While physical death has certainly been a reality in our lives for several years, we have always found joy and laughter together through the journey. Now, I have realized that, in all likelihood, I will be going tthe rest of this journey without her ever present laughter and strength by my side. I know she will not go far. We always have had an inside saying that, where ever she goes, she will light a fire, and I will see her. And where ever I go, I will do the same for her.

I can recall so many times when she sat by my bedside during intense, painful ER visits, or when I looked up from a drug induced haze from a hospital bed and she was there. Funny, according to her, I was the good, loyal friend. But, the reality is that it was quite the opposite. She taught me, through her example, the intimacy of friendship.

That kind of relationship knows no boundaries of space...and time. My wish is that we join in praying that I am the strong one for now, so that she will see my faith and confidence in this journey's destination. And, that maybe, some of the ever-present ,selfish sadness I feel is lessened, just a bit, until I can see the fire.



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