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There was a discussion of this article in the Single Life Forum and it was suggested it should be reposted in the under 45 forum:

Dec 8th 2012 new

I've read this before, absolutely love it!

Dec 8th 2012 new
Yes, I remember reading it on here a few months ago... And I still think the same thing : definitely worth the wait! :) I don't mind that he has a little bit of a snide tone; he is correct about being judged, and I don't think he is being boastful about it.
Dec 9th 2012 new

I think this article is a great testimony to the sacrament of marriage and how fulfilling it can be if we trust in God's plan for us and wait until we are married to have sex.

As a social worker, I've seen many persons( mostly women) who regretted having sex with their boyfriends because they were dumped and thrown away like used goods after having sex. Some of these women carry deep psychological and emotional scars that can take years to heal.

Kudos to the writer for putting his message of celibacy/abstinence out there. It seems that God has blessed the author and his wife for their faithfulness in living a celibate life while single with a beautiful marriage. I pray for the Lord's continued blessing on their marriage.

"Oops."Did I just make a “judgment?” You’re darn right I did." it clap heartbeat

Dec 9th 2012 new

(Quote) Daniele-678076 said: "Oops."Did I just make a “judgment?” You’re darn right I did."...
(Quote) Daniele-678076 said:

"Oops."Did I just make a “judgment?” You’re darn right I did." it


Loved that line as well. :) But I can be a little bit of a smart-aleck. lol

Dec 19th 2012 new
I saw this article a few months ago. It was nice to read it again. I hope we will all have weddings like this man did. His article is a reminder to all what a wedding and marriage should be about. Thank you for posting this Matthew.
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