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Dec 9th 2012 new

I like to travel, but not alone. I feel safer with another person, plus someone to comment what we see. This year I went to Colombia for my son's wedding. It was interesting for my friend and I, since we visited two other cities. I had been to three cruise ships. It is a relaxing experience since you have to plan nothing. No restaurant to choose, just show up at your dinner time. The only extra decision is about the inland tours. I'm looking forward for future CM events to see if it fits into my schedule.

Dec 9th 2012 new

If one is in shape or willing to train to get in shape, how about the Santiago Pilgrimage for a vacation? The whole thing takes about six weeks or you can do it in 100km legs each year til you finish.

I'm looking forward to this trek when I retire but looking for training buddies in the meantime. Of course should I win the Lotto I'll go sooner, but I don't often buy tickets, so don't count on it!

Dec 11th 2012 new

I always felt that I had to travel with someone and then about 4 years ago I realized how much I was limiting myself,and how very short and unpredicable life is. I absolultely LOVE to cruise, and I think that's the best way to travel if you're single, and I do so as often as possible. I meet so many people onboard, always make friends with several crew members, I'm active in a lot of on board activities and have never had a boring moment. I plan my excursions beforehand and generally book them with the ship, so I'm protected and assured that the ship won't leave without me. The entertainment is right there, as are a multitude of eating choices. And, for the most part, what is pay for your fare, is what you pay. You unpack once.

Earlier someone said they'd like to get a cruise together for CM, and that would be fantastic. Only one cruise line that I know of has a Catholic priest on every sailing and they have daily Mass. A definate plus. I think the best way to handle getting a group cruise going would be to find a good travel agent. I am NOT a travel agent, but do know several. If you know which line you want to travel, you can also book directly with the line.

As for meeting someone on a cruise, I have met several very interestig men, a few of whom I am still friendly with.

I'm an old member of CM and I'm just taking advantage of the free formum use of a week. I might just rejoin, but for now I'm only here for the week.


Jan 6th 2013 new
This is a great thread. We really need to organize a CM beach landing. Sun, surf. I'm going to look for my passport now.
Jan 6th 2013 new

In the last few years, here are the trips I've taken:

My 21 year old son (at the time) and I went for a long weekend to Mackinaw Island in upper Michigan. This was a lot of fun, but with him being 23 years old now, I think those days are over.

In 2010, I took my first European trip to Italy guided by Steve and Janet Ray (Steve is a Catholic apologist) and 149 others from the U.S. and Canada. This was a very special trip for me. I fell in love with Italy, but Rome especially. I would definitely like to see more of Europe and go back to Rome some day.

In February of 2012, I spent 10 days in Florida with my parents. Mostly went to spend quality time with my dad because there have been a few times within the last few years where we think we might lose him (he's doing great now). So I didn't really go for the beach, etc.

Okay....all of the above trips were very nice indeed; however, nothing can compare (I'm thinking) to being with your spouse....I just don't think you can beat that. I really look forward to traveling with my future spouse some day (God willing). wink faint cloudnine

Jan 7th 2013 new

I love to travel, but its got to be well-planned. Would love to see Europe, but it is out-of-range at the moment. There are plenty of sites right here in the USA! Somehow USA travel by camper seems adventurous and fun with the right partner(s), as well as travel by rail.

Would love to see the Vatican, and Italy in general, but I think that I might not want to come home!
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