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The story of Abraham and Sarah is told in chapters 11-25 of the book of Genesis.
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Nov 30th 2012 new

(Quote) Theresa-722703 said: One of my doctors at the VA Called me the black widow, jokingly of course! My second husband died four...
(Quote) Theresa-722703 said: One of my doctors at the VA Called me the black widow, jokingly of course! My second husband died four years ago. Having his daughter, she was two, who was special needs and the fact that we were divorced, I did not greve that much. I had already gone through that while pregnant when he divorced me. I was seeing a mental health professional on a regular basis.

Yes it is a bit disconcerting to see a woman who had two husbands and they both have passed away. Then they see child, special needs, and they run. It doesn't matter that her condition is mostly controlled by diet.

I get told all the time that there are men who would be happy to meet me. Yeah, but the ones who say that are not the ones who are supposedly out there.

My subscription is up in December and I am not going to renew. I do have a couple of friends that I have made through the site. I am already emailing them through regular email.

I have met men who I have dated through the internet. It is hard when I can't just drop everything and go out because I need a babysitter. I just keep thinking that it might be easier to just quit and forget about the whole dating thing!
It would be helpful to have some backup for yourself. Although your daughter is your primary concern, you have to take care of yourself in the process -- physically, mentally and spiritually. This usually calls for some "me" time -- some degree of respite.

Being a single parent is tough -- period. It's difficult to work in dating with your situation, but it would help to get out to some social happenings so you can at least breathe occasionally. It may be difficult to find a dating partner or be in a relationship until your daughter is a little older, but it won't hurt to keep looking. CM can provide an outlet and support, even if a "match" isn't found. We hope you will consider the benefits of that support and reconsider your plan to leave CM.

Dec 10th 2012 new

Hi Theresa

I've been off this site for a while but got a freebie forum coupon in my email today so I'm just cruising around and saw your post. No, you are not wasting your time and I'm speaking from experience. There are men out there who not only don't mind dating a woman with children, they embrace the possibility of being a Dad to little kids again. I am 55 and my youngest child is only 8...she is the youngest of nine, most grown and gone. And, I've found a wonderful man....actually I've met a few on this webiste who didn't kick me to the curb just because of my kids. But, the one that caused me to change my status and let my membership lapse was a perfect match.

Not every guy your age and up wants to have more bio kids. And, not every guy is opposed to jumping back onto the Daddy wagon. Hang in there. I was about to give up and let my membership lapse and resign myself to living the rest of my life alone before I met my special guy face to face. We had been casually messaging for a long time before we got tired of tippy tapping on our respective keyboards and moved to the phone. I think the attraction caught us both by surprise and when we met in person....Well, that's all she wrote.

Don't give up Theresa. He's out ther somewhere but he might not be where you expect to find him and he might not be the package you think you need either. Be open to the possibilities and keep sending emotes with a little message or a question. Sooner later, you'll connect with someone.

Dec 11th 2012 new

Like Laurie, I've been off of this site for quite some time and got the freebie coupon so decided to check in.

I am also twice widowed, as is my daughter. She has 2 children - one is 27 and the other just turned 10. We joke about being Black Widows ourselves, even though it's not funny, we found that laughter is better than crying over things we can't change. I've met a lot of men, dated a few seriously, but have learned to enjoy my own company so much, that I'm fine with just friends and family, or on my own. If someone was to come into my life, I wouldn't throw him out, and I'm open to a relationship, but I'm not looking for anyone.

I love the comraderie on CM, male and female, which is why I stayed a member as long as I did. After the first year, it had nothing to do with finding "Mr. Right". It was like I had a mental shift.

I think that joining CM made me more open to possibilities and that was reflected in the fact that I had a lot more interest from men I met in my daily life.

My children were very young when my first husband left and I did have a problem with men I dated not wanting to commit to a woman with children. That was their loss. I finally decided to fill the hole in my heart with God and not my quest for a man. I also asked God to send a man who was right for me. I left it up to Him, and He answered. But, then that husband died.

And now, I'm enjoying my life on my own, filling my days with my children, grandchildren and great-grands. I travel, work and am active in my parish. Life is good, but it didn't happen overnight.

Many prayers to you, Theresa.

Dec 11th 2012 new

CM in the past has used my photo on the Internet to advertise themselves. This doesn't work for me. And... you don't get noticed on here without a profile photo. Hence the hat and sunnies. cool

Dec 20th 2012 new

Hi Carolyn,

I like what you had to say to Theresa. And I especially like the Jeremiah quote; it is one that I often cling to. I also have never married and had children though it was something I really wanted. I do believe God's plan for us is perfect but it is difficult to deal with at times. Especially since almost all my friends are married with children. I just joined CM at the end of October but haven't had much luck yet. I'm getting the feeling that there are not alot of men around the Cleveland area who are on CM, at least not that I've found. I'd love to chat with another woman who is navigating this road like I am. Are you up for it?

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