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This room is dedicated to those who are facing the challenge of raising children without the support of a spouse. This is a place to share ideas and lend mutual support.

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My college sophomore returned home for Christmas the other day. On one hand, I’m very happy to see him again. On the other hand, the volume in the house has gone way up, especially late into the night. Still, on the other hand, part of the increased noise is more giggling from his younger brother and sister. Weighing both sides, I’d have to say it’s good to have him home.

Dec 16th 2012 new

What a blessing to have him home. The sounds of life are the best.

Dec 16th 2012 new

My college freshman daughter has returned home for Christmas too. Yes, it is nice to have her home but the volume definitely has increased . . . and we have already made a trip to the emergency room yesterday. She was thrown off a horse and really messed up her knee. Oh, the joys of having to use crutches for the holidays! :-) All I know is that they grown up way too fast! Merry Christmas!

Dec 17th 2012 new
Give Thanks to God to have them Back enjoy them, and pray for those parents at New Town that will never have back theirs kids from school.
Dec 17th 2012 new

Having the kids come home really does change things! My oldest is 25 Dec 22, next is 22, and next is 19 -- when they come home and my 16, 10 and 7yos are so excited, it can really be crazy! Super fun, super happy, but super complicated sometimes! But I'm so happy when they want to come home! I love my rowdy crew so much! It will be sooooo weird in another 18mo when it'll be mostly just me and the little ones! They are already sad about it!

Dec 18th 2012 new
Indeed! I miss the sounds of children the most!! It was Christmas last year at my moms that we were all together. Being cut off from the children on a daily basis is the hardest thing of all.
Feb 2nd 2013 new

LOL! You're gettin' old, Dad, if the noise bothers you.

My Army officer kid was home for Christmas for the first time in 5 years. There was lots of noise as she got reacquainted with the younger siblings, and I hid myself away and thanked God they were having fun and becoming friends.

As you said, a blessing indeed!

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