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You're invited to the first "over 40" Chicago Catholic singles party of 2013!

When: Saturday, January 19, 2013 from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Where: Private loft party space on Northwest side of Chicago (near Belmont and Sacramento--email me for the location)
What: Wine tasting, other drinks, light appetizers, music, prizes and conversation
Who: Single Chicago area Catholic men and women who are over 40
Cost: Your free will contribution—contribute whatever amount you wish

If you are interested in attending, please message me here on CM before January 8th! I can then provide you with the greater details.

This is the 4th party of its kind held in Chicago so far this year...who knows who you might be missing out on meeting by staying home!

Hope to see you on January 19th!

Dec 18th 2012 new

Go Patricia Go - bugle call - CCHHAARRGGEE into 2013 !!!!

Dec 18th 2012 new

Sounds like fun! Hopefully many people will take advantage of the invite! Such a nice way to brighten up the dark days of January.

Dec 28th 2012 new

Hey everyone, the party is in just over three weeks. If you want to attend, message me! You never know who you are missing out on meeting if you sit at home! This is an opportunity to meet the available local Chicago folks. It's going to be a new's time to try something new, don't you think?

Dec 30th 2012 new
I have been to two of three previous events Pat planned. They have all been very nice events and I plan to attend this party also. I look forward to a great time and hope to meet some new friends. Happy New Year to all and I hope to see you in a few weeks.
Dec 30th 2012 new

Thanks alot Cathy! That is very kind of you to say! hug

Jan 5th 2013 new

The party is in two weeks! If anyone else is interested in coming, please message me now! wave

Jan 6th 2013 new
Hi Pat, I wish I lived closer, I'd love to come!
Jan 20th 2013 new

A BIG thank you to Pat for another marvelous party! I had a great time with the wine tasting, delicious hors d'oeurves (is that spelled right), and seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

Those of you that live in the are and didn't come really missed out on a wonderful night (and, I have to say it since I know Pat never would, if you RSVP that you are coming, but can't make it, I'm sure your mother taught you to PLEASE let your hostess know that you can't make it! Remember she is planning enough food/wine/etc. for everyone who said they were coming and so if 10 people RSVP yes, but don't show up, that does make a difference in the plans the hostess is making, so enough said.)

On a side note, I actually ran into a friend of a friend that I had known many years ago - last time I think was in the early 90's- wow! So much fun to reconnect - Chicago truly is a small CITY!

So, thanks, Patricia, for a lovely and fun evening! I'll be looking forward to your next event (I hope it's not too far away as this may be a long cold month or two coming up!)hug rose wave

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