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Dec 25th 2012 new

(Quote) John-746882 said: Hi Kathy, Thank you for the kind words! Merry Christmas morning! This is a unique Christmas morning for m...
(Quote) John-746882 said: Hi Kathy, Thank you for the kind words! Merry Christmas morning! This is a unique Christmas morning for me, as I am blessed to be spending it with my darling little two year old and one year old nieces as my sister is in the hospital after having her baby yesterday. I was asked to sit for them overnight and this morning, so we are enjoying Christmas morning, just me and my two little nieces! This is one I'll remember fondly.

That's wonderful, John. What did your sister name her Christmas blessing?

Dec 25th 2012 new
Sweet baby James!
Dec 25th 2012 new
Thanks Therese!
Dec 25th 2012 new

Thank you John for this posting.

Have a Merry Christmas, enjoy these special days with your nieces, what a blessing.I'm very happy for you and your relationship.

Your Mom's idea is excellent, thanks for sharing. It will make my prayers easier.

I thank God for... everything (and there's a lot on that everything).

Just one (maybe the most important) for His love and protection, for keeping me in track.

Merry Christmas to all.

Dec 26th 2012 new

i am ever grateful for all the prayers 'storming the heavens' for my friend, tom as he awaits for a match for a 'whole liver transplant' 'prayer warriors' rock...thank you, thank you....please, please keep praying Praying

for my mom, whom i am very close to heart

for my amazing son heart

for laughter, solace, peace, joy & prayer smile Praying

for mother mary, who so calms my heart....rose

merry christmas to all and to all 'good night'

ps. congrats, john & thank you. you are right...i'm willing to bet you will treasure this christmas for many, many more christmas days to come.... wink

Dec 26th 2012 new
Thank you Wilma! Yes I found every year I did this since I picked up my Mom's tradition it has been a blessing to "count all my blessings". Most times I hadn't even realized how many good things had happened until I listed them out. Have a wonderful Christmas season and 2013!
Dec 26th 2012 new
Thank you Katherine! Yes I'm again spending this morning with my sisters' two little girls, one of whom is named Katherine, and they made Christmas even more fun!
Dec 27th 2012 new

Merry Christmas, John. You will probably come back to CM. I did. eyebrow

I thank God for my Catholic faith (truly a gift). rosary

For the good people here who share their concerns, hopes and desires. I no longer feel I am alone. wave

For the gift of life. Happy Birthday!

Many blessings to you an all CMers now and in the New Year.

Dec 27th 2012 new
Merry Christmas Nilda. God bless.
Dec 27th 2012 new

a spiritual director once made me write a nightly list of 5-10 things (little or big) i'm gratful for. after a few weeks of this my whole outlook on life changed. where formerly i saw only what i had to complain about, by writing those daily lists i found i had so so so much more to be grateful for.

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