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Dec 30th 2012 new

Happy New Year, Ezrah! party :lilmike: hyper


Dec 30th 2012 new

Hi Ezrah,

Thank you for your honesty and candor-you show a lot of wisdom and courage for a 22-year old. I once heard it said that modesty isn't solely about veiling or covering the sacred aspects of our bodies, but also about guarding and veiling our innermost feelings from those who don't have a legitimate right to them. We, as individuals must decide for ourselves who does and doesn't have that right, but I think at the very least, those persons aren't rejecting us or taking us for granted. I agree with the posts suggesting you give her space. She knows you still want the friendship, so regarding her, time will tell.

Prayer, as I'm sure you well know, always accomplishes more than all of our human efforts will ever do. My suggestion is to take your hurt and rejection straight to the foot of the cross. Mother Teresa said that when we do that, Christ is close enough to kiss us. Also, you might ask Him to reveal your true identity, found only in Him. Something else I starting doing recently that has been so powerful is thanking and praising Jesus for everything I'm experiencing, even if I don't like it or understand it. It humbles me because by saying that prayer earnestly, I'm ackowledging He's going to bring something incredibly beautiful out of what seems so distasteful at the moment.

Blessings Ezrah!


Dec 30th 2012 new

(Quote) Maria-854095 said: I think that you should be proud of yourself that you took that important step to "express y...
(Quote) Maria-854095 said:

I think that you should be proud of yourself that you took that important step to "express your feelings." Don't be afraid to do that again and again. If you had not done so you would forever wonder what would have happened if you had. There are consequences when we put ourselves and our hearts out there but we will outlive them all with prayer. Pray to Our Lord that He helps you to find peace and encouragement. I will say a prayer for you too. Take care!


Welcome to the forums, Ms. Maria :)! For the past few days I've been reading over all the comments posted starting again from the beginning. There are comments that exhibit wisdom that I'm truly taking into heart for the new year theheart. Happy New Year to you all You get a Gold Star!!

Dec 30th 2012 new

I love that slogan.

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