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Saint Peter's Square was created so that more people could be in the presence of the Pope and was named after Saint Peter, one of Jesus's apostles.
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So I am new in these parts, and know the value of a second pair of eyes, I was wondering if anyone could glance over my profile.

I tried to make it "me", but at the same time I know that I can be a bit verbose at times. This whole experience is also quite new to me, and I'm in uncharted waters here.

Any pointers would be greatly welcome. Thank you!

In Him,


Dec 31st 2012 new

I should also say that I know I'm light in the picture department. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding recent photos that would be useable. Hopefully that will change soon enough...


Dec 31st 2012 new

everything seems to be in workig order.

Dec 31st 2012 new

Welcome Dean; your profile is very complete and orderly! I hope you enjoy the CM community and I look forward to reading some of your posts.

By the way; I remember when Maximilian Kolbe was canonized in st. Peter's square by my Hero - The Blessed John Paul II who was Pope at the time back in 1982, and how profound it must have been also for the man whose life he saved to be at the ceremony. I get misty with Joy whenever I see Maximilian Kolbe's image, hear his name spoken, or read it anywhere.

He is on one of the Tapestries that line the halls within the great Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels on Temple in LA (you should go if you've never been, there is another mass today at noon).

Dec 31st 2012 new

I think that it is a good look at who you are. You seem like a beautiful person inside and out. While we should strive to weed out sin and flaws of character, we should hold on to the essence of what we are. That is God made. Do not apologize for who you are, hide who you are or try to change who you are to get someone to like you. The person that God has for you will like you for who you are verbose ( I am too) and all. She will probably be looking for someone like that.

Remember that God made you perfect for His plan for you and that only His plan is the path to happiness. If marriage is your vocation be patient and she will come either from here or elsewhere. I too am very much like you though. I seek out and value feedback so I completely understand.:-)

Best of luck on here and believe that God may be getting ready to make some lucky young lady very happy in the near future !!!

Jan 1st 2013 new

Wow. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement! I am quickly discovering what a wonderful community CM has built!

Regarding St. Maximilian, he has always been one of my go-to guys. :) Throughout the discernment of my vocation, I often looked to him for intercession so that I may discover how the Lord calls me to lay down my own life. St. Maximilian has taught me (along with JPII -who passed just a few months before my conversion!) to not be afraid of what He has in store. Even now, when I find myself leaving behind discernment for the priesthood and religious life, these two guys continue to remain shining examples for my faith.

Oh, and while I feel sorry for any poor lass that has to put up with my "verbose" nature, I will try to remember your words of wisdom, Shara. ;)

Many blessings on this solemnity, and a very Happy New Year!



Jan 3rd 2013 new

I think your profile reads well. You state quite a lot of information, not everyone takes the time to do that. Lots of photos are also good. I think the photo of you at the museum in Oregon looks the best. Just my personal thoughts. Good luck!!!

Jan 3rd 2013 new

Lol, thank you for that Laura. You are the second person tonight to suggest a picture that has my facial hair. Go figure...


Jan 3rd 2013 new

Hey Dean! I think your profile looks great, I especially like that you have an interview up (I've complained before that not enough men have an interview) and also your photos look awesome! Lot's photos of you doing the things you lvoe with the important people in your life- I especially like the photo of you with the wilderness background, it's gorgeous! The only thing I might suggest is maybe put a little more excitement in your profile? Perhaps? I know I like a lively profile, and lots of big smiles help, too :)

Jan 3rd 2013 new
looks good to me.Good luck on CM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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