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Dec 31st 2012 new


Dec 31st 2012 new

Connie said, "I am worried about having an MRI on my brain because I am extremely claustrophobic"

Hi Connie, wave you have many praying for you even those who have not posted biggrin

It may comfort you to know you are listened to at all times during your MRI. If YOU wish it to end and STOP you can tell the tech. in the booth right next to you, she will stop your scan and it will end but you really want them to get a handle on your problem, so they can help you accordingly, But just KNOWING you can get out at anytime may serve to relax you enough to finish the whole session.
I brought a string rosary in with me while listening to Christian Music that may help you pass the time constructively while being a comfort to you. God bless Praying rosary

Dec 31st 2012 new

My prayers are with you today!

God Bless You

Dec 31st 2012 new

Praying rosary

Dec 31st 2012 new
Hi Connie. I know exactly how you are feeling. I didn't even like having a CAT scan when my Head was inside the "donut". I told the technician i was panicking and she responded that I was almost finished, but would stop if I couldn't keep going. She said to just keep saying to myself "I can stop anytime I want, but it's almost over. I'm in full control of this." I was still anxious, but the idea of being able to stop it got me to the end. If I ever do an MRI, I plan to ask to arrive early, take a sedative and use that mantra over and over. I understand your panic. Make sure someone drives you. God bless.
Dec 31st 2012 new
This technique may work in addition to the other suggestions. Do not look in the room prior to the test. Not even a slight peek! Have the tech(s) walk you in the room backwards with your eyes closed. Do NOT open your eyes to peek...ever! Let them gently guide you to the table and to lay down! Keep your eyes completely closed. Again, do not peek...ever...during the test. You might be surprised how EASY it is if you don't see the equipment right up against your face!!!

Bring your favorite music or a comforting CD of the rosary. Say the rosary and offer it up.

Another thought. You might consider consulting with an otolaryngologist or neuro-otolgist who specializes in tinnitus.

It will be alright. It may go much easier than you think. theheart
Dec 31st 2012 new


You are in my prayers.


Dec 31st 2012 new

Praying Praying

Dec 31st 2012 new

Connie, we are all anxious to hear how you did and the results. Isn't it wonderful to have such a wonderful bunch of Catholics praying for you? hug Praying

- Elizabeth

Dec 31st 2012 new

Praying I pray your MRI goes well and is normal. For your tinnitus, I have read accupuncture helps.

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