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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Jan 1st 2013 new

Yes, I would. Truth is, some non-Catholic Christians are much more Christian than Catholics. And goodness knows I'd rather have a non-Catholic than a cafeteria Catholic. or a non-Catholic than some wacko Catholic. We need to get rid of our rigid mindsets. Really, if you meet a great Christian man who is moral, kind, compassionate and shares your interests what is the problem? Some day, he may well convert. In the mean time, all that is needed is mutual respect. Now, if that non-Catholic derides you for your faith, that is another story. I've a good friend off this site, whom I met here when I was a member a few years back. She has been dating a Christian man for about 13 months and in all that time they have managed to remain chaste. They attend Mass together and he regularly comments how beautiful the Mass is. I see a convert on the horizon...Sheesh, I'll take me one of those!

Jan 1st 2013 new

(Quote) Pat-5351 said: Just no. No way no how. It is a waste of your time. A Catholic man can date a non Catholic wom...
(Quote) Pat-5351 said:

Just no. No way no how. It is a waste of your time.

A Catholic man can date a non Catholic woman and try to shepherd her into the Truth of the faith, and have her convert.

A Catholic woman, if she tries to do the same with a non-catholic man, sets herself up for heartache and for being the "leader" concerning religion, which is not how God intends it to be. Sure, you do a work of mercy helping some guy convert, but it will not provide for the proper dynamic of husband as the "high priest" of the domestic church (the family)--its reversed (the wife knows a great deal more about the faith, has all the Catholic experience, so she is in the misassigned role as the "high priest" of the family, and that is not going to work out too well....)

So No.

The biggest waste of my life was dating a protestant guy for 6 years who was not only not that religious, a terrible influence on me, but hte most insidiously anti-Catholic person I have had in my inner circle ever. So don't do it is all I can say.


Pat, the last paragraph of your comment really defines why this didn't work for you; not that he wasn't Catholic, but that he did not respect you or your faith, and quite frankly doesn't sound like much of a Christian.

Jan 1st 2013 new

Honestly...I've been divorced/annulled since 2004 and have had more first and last dates than I care to count. I have yet to meet a faith filled man of ANY denomination. I think there are a very rare few good Catholic men out there, and when they are available they get scooped up faster than you can say lickety-split.

Jan 1st 2013 new

(Quote) Marirose-887295 said: I would if he shared my values and respected my religion.
(Quote) Marirose-887295 said:

I would if he shared my values and respected my religion.

I think it's a mistake if you're younger and children are involved- that can create all kinds of problems. A former coworker who is Jewish married a Catholic and didn't discuss how they would raise their child. Needless to say their marriage didn't last. On the other hand a friend's wife is Methodist (both in their 70's) and they manage to make it work. Generally not a good plan to marry across faiths in my opinion.

Jan 1st 2013 new

Sometimes the Lord works in myterious ways. Perhaps the He will work through the Catholic party to bring the other person to the faith, whether or not they end up getting married...

I do think, however, that it is not the best idea. When I converted to the faith, I tried continuing the relationship that I had with my long-term girlfriend, but it just did not work. After that, I went on a couple of dates, and they were non-Catholic, which also did not work out.

Now that I am actively seeking again, I know that personally I would find it very difficult to date a non-Catholic. I've become a different person than I was seven years ago, and see the importance of having that foundation.

I'm not saying that it impossible (my best friend just married a Methodist and they have a great relationship, and I think she may be on her way into the Church eventually as well), just very unlikely. Religion is one of those "big issues" that can make or break a relationship...

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