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Emotigram suggestion

Jan 6th 2013 new

CM gets hammered a lot by newcomers who are frustrated that they are reaching out to other people with emotigrams, but not getting a reply. The problem isn't with the emotigram method. The problem is with the education of the new member.

In the introduction to how to use CM, have a statement that says that when someone doesn't reply after 3 days, "be aware that they may be away from their computer or not be interested."

I think a statement like this will go a long way toward reducing the customer service complaints about newcomers sending out messages and not getting replies, then getting frustrated.

It is much the same in sales: we reach out, we don't get a reply and we move on. Or, someone comes back later and says, hey, I got the message and I'm interested. Either way, no harm done after sending the initial message.

Jan 6th 2013 new
Thanks John. Actually, I just did the same thing. I hadn't checked in for a few days and I had a message waiting for me...
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