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Who is up for going to Mass & to dinner together that day?

Jerry 645007 from Idaho will be passing through town that weekend and would like to meet some CMers while here.

Jan 15th 2013 new

Locals have an objection to Mass?


Jan 16th 2013 new

Hi Lina! I gave some thought to looking you all up a few weeks ago when I landed in your terrific airport. However, my plans took me straight north as they nearly always do. Jerry is a wonderful man. He came to the Chili cook-off in Indy and we all enoyed meeting him. As I recall, he's got a great voice and adds a lot to Mass with his singing. Please say hello to him from his Hoosier friends!

Jan 24th 2013 new

C'mon ladies you're going to scare people off saying I'm coming to town! laughing It's about Catholic singles getting together to make new friends, have some fun and share our faith together cool And if someone ends up meeting their soul mate, so be it! eyepopping If nothing becomes of these meeting plans then I will go to mass in Phoenix somewhere and then it will be "Where's Jerry" instead of "Where's Waldo" laughing rolling eyes

Jan 24th 2013 new

Glad you posted, Jerry. I was worried people were thinking I was making up an excuse to get together!

Jan 24th 2013 new

(Quote) Lina-796057 said: Glad you posted, Jerry. I was worried people were thinking I was making up an excuse to get togeth...
(Quote) Lina-796057 said:

Glad you posted, Jerry. I was worried people were thinking I was making up an excuse to get together!

scratchchin Uh-huh, sure, Lina... rolling eyes

Actually, you know I'd love to come back to Phoenix and visit again, but now you're providing me with two different dates about 5 or 6 weeks apart...Would Jerry be able to come back to Phoenix for our April gathering? BTW, is that a for-sure event yet? I'd heard you mention maybe Sedona, or Tuscon or ???

Jan 25th 2013 new

For CM Phx in the Spring, I think it'd be lovely to spend a long day in Sedona. To include Tucson, I'd rely on Patrick for activities there, but I haven't heard from him--he's so busy with school. Sorry, but I'm still on the fence regarding when to have it. I really want to go to Chicago that last wknd of April; my old high school is closing its doors and that wknd is the farewell for alumnae. But money is an issue, and no friends there have stepped up to harbor or chauffeur me. Anyway, so CM Phx's date is still undecided.

As to CM March, it was my understanding that Jerry was just passing through town, and only Mass & dinner were what he had time for.
Jerry, help out here--what are your plans? If you'd like to do more in Phx with CMers while here, give us a time idea & activity idea, please!

Jan 25th 2013 new

I got the word that Jerry has other plans going on, so it's only Mass & dinner.

Sts Simon & Jude Cathedral has Saturday Vigil Mass at 4:30pm.

Then we can do dinner at, perhaps, Arriba Mexican Grill, 18th St & Camelback, or Macayo's Mexican Kitchen on Central near Indian School Rd (centrally located in town to make it fair for all).

Who's interested in participating in some CM fellowship?

(I will post this in the other thread as well.)

Jan 25th 2013 new

Let me know if you do something in Sedona, that is closer to my neck of the woods.

Jan 25th 2013 new

Sure--CM Phx in the Spring news will be posted in its thread, Matthew.

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