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This room is for discussion of sports, non-video games & hobbies! Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or your own personal favorite. Brag about your team and explain why the refs blew the big game! Discuss your passion for Corn Hole, Horseshoes,Texas Hold'em or other games.

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Don't like seeing brother-against-brother, and I like them both, and like both teams. So...

Ravens 27 - 49ers 24.

Why? 49ers did have great comeback at Falcons.

Selecting Ravens because they won at Patriots where Patriots seldom get beat, plus Ravens' Ray Lewis is scheduled to retire - he's likely to retire w/ another Super Bowl ring.

Other predictions?

Jan 27th 2013 new
Since NY isn't in it I have to go with the 49ers.

Jan 27th 2013 new

Since all my teams are now out of it....I am pulling for the Ravens -- mostly because of Ray Lewis' retirement. Hard to believe this is the first of many weekends to come of no football. sad Time DOES seem to go faster these days!

Jan 27th 2013 new

The Ravens. Not for any logical reason likes stats but because it would make my supervisor at work curl up into a ball and hide beneath his desk until he leaves for his new job in Georgia in three months. And there is nothing more amusing than a grown man pouting like a small child just because the team he really doesn't like won and everyone else in the office will be wearing the team colors for the next month. (We live very close to Baltimore)

Jan 27th 2013 new
Ravens. My Bears are out, and the family my daughter babysits for is from the east. 31-24
Jan 29th 2013 new

I'm not a fan of either team, but I have to go with Ravens here because I don't want the 49ers to tie the Steelers for most Super Bowl victories.

Feb 3rd 2013 new

My son and I are routing for the Ravens right now only because we can't have any team tie our Steelers for superbowl wins....nope, nope, nope!

Feb 3rd 2013 new

The Ravens! They beat the Bronco's. Go Raven's! penguin (Well... there weren't any Raven's).

Feb 3rd 2013 new

Hooray for the Ravens! And who doesn't love a kicker like Justin Tucker who makes the sign of the cross before every kick. Very cool to watch.

Good job, Baltimore!

Feb 4th 2013 new
Lol my mom kept saying, he made a sign of the cross, so he has to make it! Lol
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