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Multiple Personal Requests

Feb 3rd 2013 new

1. My sinus infection that was diagnosed due to allergies has either morphed into a bacterial or viral infection, or I have bronchitis/pneumonia. I have one more day of classes tomorrow and really need to get through them. Please ask God to, at a minimum, grant me a good night's sleep tonight and give me peace of mind that this is minor and will pass soon.

2. I volunteered to serve as kitchen help at a young adult retreat next month, but had a falling out tonight with the kitchen leader, who will not return my messages. I was unable to make a coordination meeting/breakfast this morning since I'm on duty/in training, and he doesn't seem to grasp that. Please pray for either reconciliation or that I know to back out of the retreat for my own personal peace and sanity.

3. There's a lady who I've admired for years that I'd like to ask out, but I become very self-conscious when I consider making a move. Please pray that God will reveal whether or not to muster the courage or let it go.

Thanks in advance. I know prayer moves mountains.

Feb 3rd 2013 new

Also, advice and encouragement are welcomed and appreciated.

Feb 3rd 2013 new
(Quote) Carl-98335 said: Also, advice and encouragement are welcomed and appreciated.
(Quote) Carl-98335 said:

Also, advice and encouragement are welcomed and appreciated.

Praying hug Praying praying for your multiple needs
Feb 3rd 2013 new

Praying You need an antibiotic most likely as I did,so you don't get pneumonia.The doctor put me on Cefdinir.It worked.Don't delay!Go to Urgent Care as I did!

Feb 3rd 2013 new

Prayers for you. Seek medical attention when you are feeling so sick, and get some sleep.

Don't be afraid to ask the girl. I know that we can say things in our head so easily, but when the time comes, it is hard to get the words to come out. You have my prayers to push through and get the courage.

Feb 3rd 2013 new

Praying Praying

Feb 3rd 2013 new

GARLIC! It's an anti-viral, and will drain your sinuses.

God Bless,


Feb 3rd 2013 new

Praying Praying Praying

Feb 3rd 2013 new

My only advice on items 2 and 3 is to pray the Divine Mercy and focus on "Jesus, I trust in you"

Feb 3rd 2013 new

Praying for all your requests!

With regard to the lady you have admired for some time now, I recommend you go ahead and ask her. How else will you know?

God bless You!

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