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Jan 20th 2013 new

I think you probably have plenty of company in the phone deal.

The younger crowd probably has a different experience then the older crowd, like me.

Your generation has the opposite over-exposure to the telephone - and I don't know how that feels, or the problems that it brings, I can only guess.

For me, I don't have any interest in talking to a man on the phone, I would choose to meet in person or write.

The thing about texting and email and even these forums, they don't risk rejection.

The other person can view the messages at will, there is no direct rejection possible.

Sometimes, this is what I say on the phone, Hello, this is Andrea, do you have time to talk? ... Something like that, I give them a chance to say if they are busy or what. That can help both them and me.

Our fears can sometimes feel like a punishment to someone else.

Its good to know we are worthy in God's eyes to start a conversation with someone.

I would say I still have a problem with the phone - to the extent that I am aware I will have conflicting thoughts that I usually ignore. And I don't call acquaintances I am unsure of.

It would be interesting to know if you think your fear is of rejection or of giving rejection, or just plain discomfort?

Jan 23rd 2013 new

Not me..I have always LOVED talking on the phone.. I was once on the phone with a CM man for about 8 solid hours.. I was using Skype so I was tied to the computer, but he was on a cell phone and cleaning house to get ready for a party. I really miss not having a regular phone buddy.

Jan 25th 2013 new

My 86 year old dad has been getting those annoying robo-calls around lunchtime. He is on the Do Not Call List. When the phone rings at around that time, he's almost reluctant to answer.

Depending on your work schedule, (say you work 9 to 5 pm) , if you hear the phone ringing in the middle of the night or ridiculously early in the morning - that would scare the daylights out of you. Bad news, emergency, death..... eyepopping I remember two near heart attacks hearing the phone ring at 3:15 am and one call at 4:30 am. Different days. Both were wrong numbers. wide eyed

Feb 3rd 2013 new

Not a fear, but a dislike.
Nearly every job I've ever held required spending 40% or more of my time on the phone. I don't associate phone calls with fun.
Also, I don't think my voice is very attractive...

Feb 3rd 2013 new

I don't even like talking on the phone either, I will more than likely dread the thought of skyping. I would rather get text messages and emails than having to talk on the phone. Whenever I do get a phone call and I don't recognize the phone number I will let it go straight to voicemail and then eventually call back if it was important.

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