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Feb 12th 2013 new

Thank you Dave and all for this Novena-beautifully timed---look forward to be on the journey with you all--Thank you Mother Mary for hearing our prayers--may we be one as you are with your Son--united---Thank you for your intercession to your Son(we can't go wrong with such an advocate(: )-----the beauty of who you are Mother Mary-so uplifting-thank youbiggrin

Feb 12th 2013 new


Thank you for all your posts on the thread from which this one was continued. They are really helpful!

Praying rosary theheart

Feb 12th 2013 new

I thank you for starting this, and look forward to participating with you and all who have signed up.

Feb 12th 2013 new

(Quote) Jessica-844048 said: Is it too late for someone to join? I mean... it's not the 13th yet... so add me please!
(Quote) Jessica-844048 said:

Is it too late for someone to join? I mean... it's not the 13th yet... so add me please!


Jessica, so happy you and eveyone will be praying the Rosary Novena with us! It is not too late to join. Even if people see this thread/ find this novena after it has begun, it is not too late to join!

rose wave Praying hug rosary theheart

Feb 12th 2013 new

Keeping in mind that we are to pray for each other's intentions as part of this Rosary Novena, this is something I found helpful, and below this is the list of participants' names.

There is a small, light blue booklet entitled, Rosary Novenas to Our Lady:including the mysteries of light, that is very helpful as it has all the prayers, and structure for each day of the rosary. It has the alternate prayers for days in petition, and in thanksgiving, and concluding prayers.

You may also add:

(This is for prayers in petition, you may change the wording slightly for prayers in thanksgiving.)

We can start each Rosary with this prayer (optional):

O Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, I thank you for your maternal protection, and for the many blessings I have received through your powerful intercession.

Blessed Mother you asked at Fatima for the daily recitation of the Rosary for peace in the world and in individual souls. I offer my Rosary as a spiritual "Bouquet of Roses" for the intentions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in atonement for the offenses committed against your Immaculate Heart, and in petition for the favors I ask in this Novena.

(List your petitions and those of all others who joined this Novena here. You can use the list of participants and read each person's name ... "and for the intentions of Allen, Andrea, Angie, etc.")

With great confidence in your powerful intercession, I place these petitions in your hands, and beseech you to present them to Jesus. He will never refuse what you ask Him.

rose Praying rosary theheart 116 Participants theheart rosary Praying rose

Adriana – 822199 Ciudad de Mexico, MEX

Kevin from Ireland

Andrea from Mexico

Adrienne – 843867 Oak Park, IL

Aida – 740057 Sacramento, CA

Alena – 887599 Scranton, PA

Alice – 788574 Champlin, MN

Allen – 311949 Wendell, NC

Amy – 56598 West Hartford, CT

Isabella, her mom

Angelica – 926032 Chicago, IL

Anne – 923012 Brockton, MA

Becki – 568712 Ft. Mitchell, KY

Bernadette - 605528 Moscow, RUS

Beverly – 779299 Johnstown, PA

Beverly – 936499 Camden, AR

Brian – 399108 Madison, WI

Cathy – 535618 Saint Ann, MO

Cherie – 872998 KS (former CM member)

Chris – 930705 Coralville, IA

Christina – 933729 Waterford, MI

Christine – 924384 Wickliffe, OH

Christie – 910934 Azusa, CA

Cindy – 502270 Westerville, OH

Dave – 24315 Cottonwood, ID

David – 364112 Cleveland, OH

Debbie – 168656 Milan, MI

Pat, her friend

Donna – 848472 Edmonton, AB, CAN

Eileen – 56985 Boston, MA

Elle – 411254 Fort Worth, TX

Erin – 693687 Saint Leo, FL

Erin – 915423 Dallas, TX

Former CM Members:




Anne Marie

Francine – 132290 Quebec, QC, CAN

Geri – 535921 Roanoke Rapids, NC

Gwen – 534293 Waukesha, WI

Jacqueline – 556574 San Diego, CA

Jane – 933948 McHenry, IL

Jean – 240353 Bristol, CT

Jessica – 844048 Defuniak Springs, FL

Jessica – 897416 Hudson, WI

Jessica – 96924 Singapore, SGP

Jhenny – 500299 Lima, PER

Jim – 397948 Westwood, NJ

Joan – 176039 Fort Worth, TX

Joanna – 526473 Vancouver, BC, CAN

Joanna – 615441 Herndon, VA

John – 701010 Birmingham, GBR

Josephine – 586127 New York, NY

Josephine – 611497 Kuala Lumpur, MYS

Judy – 232680 Elmira, NY

Karen – 712407 Cottage Grove, MN

Kathy – 730470 Saint John, NB, CAN

Kate – 886636 Saint Peters, MO

Kayla - 549130

Kelsey – 802691 Wheaton, IL

Kevin – 684824 Livonia, MI

Laura – 56149 Newport Beach, CA

Lillian, her mom, and


Teri and

Connie, her sisters

Lauren – 927923 Purcell, OK

Lauren – 940263 Spokane, WA

Leon – 593843 Houston, TX

Lina – 796057 Phoenix, AZ

Linda – 442926 Sydney, NS, CAN

Lisa – 102951 Urbandale, IA

Lisa – 843871 San Antonio, TX

Paul, and

Tomas, her sons

Lisa – 933589 Steubenville, OH

Liz – 936112 Palm Springs, CA

Lois – 765906 Westerville, OH

Lois – 902617 Ft. Mitchell, KY

Ludwik – 33046 North Little Rock, AR

Margaret – 908943 Oxnard, CA

Marie – 518335 Bowie, MD

Marie – 871694 Olympia, WA

Marita – 847688 Austin, TX

Mark – 931441 Chesterfield, MO

Mary – 472688 Milwaukee, WI

Mary – 486033 Pittsburgh, PA

Mary – 637223 Windsor, ON, CAN

Meg – 920823 Kansas City, MO

Delena – Kansas City, MO

Melanie – 609172 South Hadley, MA

Melissa – 760898 Appleton, WI

Michael – 1806 Merrick, NY

Nekeisha – 896394 Port-of-Spain, TTO

Nilda – 834707 Meriden, CT

Paula – 420697 Albuquerque, NM

Peter – 356811 Bradenton, FL

Rachel – 731570 Greenville, PA




Catherine, her daughters

Renee – 618605 Pittsburgh, PA

Robin – 829379 Marana, AZ

Rosanna – 921185 Calgary, AB, CAN

Shannan – 733493 East Lansing, MI

Sheila – 145041 Kitchener, ON, CAN

Sue – 935039 Dayton, OH

Tam - 51084

Tara – 916865 Slidell, LA

Therese – 632256 Glasgow, KY

Tracy – 929496 Loogootee, IN

Violet – 928707 Baltimore, MD

Vivian – 213866 Muntinlupa, PHL

Yolanda – 930303 Carol Stream, IL

Zoe – 337980 Gloucester, MA

Feb 12th 2013 new

Praying rosary theheart rose

Here are the group intentions that have been suggested. (Please let me know if I missed any.) When we pray our novena, we may list them as "Our Group Intentions".

* For all prayer intentions listed in the prayer threads on the CM forum, and for all

current/former CM members and their intentions.
* For our countries.
* For an end to human trafficking and for the rescue and comfort of those exploited/victimized

by this horrible crime.
* For our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI as well as for the cardinals and his successor.

*For personal strength in dealing with the day to day activities and trials.

*Illumination - That the Holy Spirit Illumine our lives to the Light of His Truth.

*For our imperfect hearts to be one with His perfect heart.

*That everyone has a Lent that brings them closer to Our Lord and truly understands the

magnificance of the Resurrection.

Feb 12th 2013 new

Count me in. I have never done one of these before and was wishing that I had joined the one at Christmas. Thanks David for doing this again and giving me a second chance to participate.

Feb 12th 2013 new

Are we all praying at any designated time? or Just collectively every day?

Feb 13th 2013 new

Day 1

Wed, Feb 13th, ASH WED

Joyful Mysteries

for prayers of the Rosary:

Rosary Novenas to Our Lady: including the mysteries of light (It is a little blue booklet.)

or pray with people on

Feb 13th 2013 new

(Quote) Elle-411254 said: Are we all praying at any designated time? or Just collectively every day?
(Quote) Elle-411254 said:

Are we all praying at any designated time? or Just collectively every day?


Pray any time of the day that works for you! We are all praying whenever works in our schedules.

Praying hug rosary theheart

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