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02/12/2013 new

I know I would be open to it. I really think the ultimate decision becomes that of a personal one. Some women I have known are natural mothers and are open to children of any age at just about any age themselves, their heart is solid gold. I have also known women, at any age, that are not interested in children of any age. And then there are some I have known that raised their children and do not want to raise anymore--they're fine with visits, but don't ask them raise'em. So a long answer to your short question, the right woman will want to love, accept, and help raise children of any age, as I add, with the right male.

02/13/2013 new

It's so wonderful to see how open minded and honest every one is that responded. I can't say I am super suprised but it is heartwarming to have hope. I am glad to know that there are so many kind souls out there on the forums. Blessings.

02/13/2013 new

Thanks so much for the encouragement! biggrin

02/13/2013 new

(Quote) Dennis-944077 said: I was wondering what women (perhaps in their 50s) think about men of the same age who have young...
(Quote) Dennis-944077 said:

I was wondering what women (perhaps in their 50s) think about men of the same age who have young children in their lives?

I suspect women who have already raised their children and maybe even have grandchildren aren't interested in meeting anyone with young children, even if the little ones live with their mother most of the time. I am thinking that there maybe a perception that older men with young children are irresponsbible because they couldn't keep the family together or that they are weak.

I am not sure this is an appropriate subject for a forum, but I am curious. I've been praying about this for a while now.

Dennis you said that maybe a perception that older men with young children are irresponsible because they couldn't keep the family together or they are weak??? Dennis I do not think that at all. Everyone is different. Some people get married young and have their children young. Others may get married later in life and have children at an older age. Whatever the situation children are a blessing.

02/13/2013 new

I would have no problem in helping to raise a second family. Been there, done that. Easy.

02/13/2013 new

I for one would love to have more kids in my life to play with my grandkids. I have wondered about being on the opposite end of things. At 47 I have 2 grown daughters and 3 grandsons. Many men my age are looking to start families and that leaves me out. Let's face it, generational ages are not what they used to be when everyone had their kids in their 20's. We can try to fight it, but accepting it and enjoying will be much more fun.

02/13/2013 new

(Quote) Donna-83441 said: ...Though his wife was remarried he's still married to the kids.. ...
(Quote) Donna-83441 said:

...Though his wife was remarried he's still married to the kids.. ...



The relationship with the spouse must take priority. (Maybe that sounds harsh, but the kids will move out soon enough and you'll have the spouse for a long time...if you're lucky.)

02/13/2013 new

Thanks so much for your response. I wasn't sure about the perception. The few women I have met online stopped communicating after they learned I had young children. Perhaps it was for some other reason. All the same, I do feel blessed. It's nice to know that there are a lot of kind and thoughtful folks out here in cyberspace. Peace. Dennis

02/13/2013 new

I am with Francine, everyone is different for various reasons, but I think in general you will find women to be open to life, children, making a family, whoever the components of that might be. So don't hold back if that is your situation, approach who interests you, and see what they in particular are interested in. Praying

02/13/2013 new

You mentioned that you had contact with some women who seemed to stop communcating when they found about about your children. I have had the same experience with men online who appeared interested and they suddenly vanished. It's good to see that we are all in the same boat. My daughter has already said she would love to have more brothers and sisters (through my future husband)! I agree with my daughter. Each person is unique and I just have assumed that someone who has not been married and had kids would not be interested in me because I have a 13 year old daughter. I hope I am wrong here but past experience has not proved otherwise. You never know - perhaps someone who has never been married and has no children would relish being in your life and you just have not met her yet. Keep on trying as God has a plan here! biggrin

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