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God is all knowing....

Feb 16th 2013 new

I believe the catholic church should make a decision on whether or not using viagra is again Catholic teaching and God.

1)We all believe or asked to believe that abortion for what ever reason is against our teaching and church.
2) We all or are suppose to believe and practice ---NO premarital sex. Though I noticed that it is an option on this site.

If the above it true... Viagra also should be against Catholic believes and practice. God, whether directly or by medication is the one that chooses to make a man impotent. There maybe a very good reason God decided for the man to be impotent. His sperms maybe defective....Why put an innocent child through that misery. GOD is merciful. What gives humans the right to over ride GOD. We should not override GOD's decision in any matter when it comes to reproduction.
SEX is for reproduction and married couples. If sex in a marriage produces a handicapped child at least the child will have two loving parents. Handicapped children born by premarital sex are often raised solely by the mother since the father suddenly realizes that the church does not condone premarital sex.

What do other Catholic males or females think of the above. Agree or disagree and why?

Feb 16th 2013 new

It's not the drug that should be prohibited, but how, when, and why it's used.

Viagra simply allows a man to perform sexual intercourse where previously he was unable or less able. The church permits a woman who has pain or difficulty in sex to receive medical treatment to correct the problem. How can you say that GOD wills a married man not to express his love for his wife in a physical way? And sex is NOT just for reproduction. We are not barnyard animals, but sentient beings with souls.

Provided it is used within marriage and the act is open to the transmission of life (even if the woman is beyond child-bearing years), then what is the problem? The properties of these drugs don't violate any Church teaching that I'm aware of. Medications like Viagra or Cialis aren't designed to prevent conception. They simply allow the act to occur. So, IMO, these medications should not be prohibited. We already have clear rules about when it is good and permissible to engage in sexual relations.

As long as these medications are used in that context and not for extra-marital sex or whatever else, then I don't understand what your objections are. Please explain.

Feb 17th 2013 new

Please continue the discussion on the morality of using Viagra in the following topic:

This one will now be locked.

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