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Mar 2nd 2013 new

just one. but it does not have my name attached to it and never has.

why do you ask??? mischievous laughing

Mar 2nd 2013 new
I have about 30 or 40 e-mail addresses, but only about half a dozen that I use regularly, plus two at work that go into the same mailbox. I own my own server and my own domain names, so I can crank them out as needed. I try to use a different address for any web site that requires registration, so that I can see who might be selling the addresses or otherwise abusing them. That also keeps my main address from being cluttered with junk. My friends (and I hope some day my wife) get one special address, the one close to my heart; everyone else gets a custom address, including my bank, which lets me know for sure that an e-mail came from the bank and not a phisher.
Mar 2nd 2013 new
I have one one that I use for my person business matters and a few close friends. I also have another what I consider a throw away account in case it gets hacked or spammed or something. This is the one I give out to people I meet online, just in case of problems I can always close it without having to change my main account if that makes sense.
Mar 2nd 2013 new

I have two....kind of like I use whenever I buy something on-line and would probably give to people I don't know very gets a ton of spam....the other is from a Catholic site and I give it to friends and family

Mar 2nd 2013 new

1. My work email which I hate using because the server is rubbish, but I use it for internal work stuff.

2. My "normal" email which I communicate with all friends and family, and other official stuff. Usually computer game/services related/online shopping from reputable sources.

3. I have the one I use here and doesn't give out my name in the sender's details. Also for other sites that I know are just spamtastic.

4. And I have another one as an emergency back up for the others. You know how some ask for an alternative addy in case you forget your password?

There's probably another 3 or 4 floating around from my many years and the forgetful nature of my [at the time] clever passwords, but that i don't bother using any more.

Mar 3rd 2013 new

I have 4

1) Is my all purpose email it also gets lots of spam mail...

2) I use for store sites..LL Bean for instance.. Bead sites, Best Buy, Big Lots etc.. Twitter mail goes there.. It gets a lot of spam too..

3) I use this one for emails related to my online selling business..Not much spam mail on this one

4) To reduce congestion I keep a fourth one for knitting patterns and knitting sites..I like to be able to find things easily. This one is pretty new so it doesn't get any spam..

Mar 3rd 2013 new

(Quote) Marge-938695 said: And why?
(Quote) Marge-938695 said:

And why?


A quick count was 56, but there may be a few others. My usage is similar to Andrew's; in addition, there are a number of accounts associated with domains I manage for clients and church.

Mar 3rd 2013 new

I have 5 work ones depending on what server I'm using and because, since I don't go by Elizabeth in the RL, my company was kind enough to make up an email address for company use using the name I do go by. (One of the things I'm very upset about on CM is that I can't change the username here) We have three different systems and I need an email address on each system for internal communications.

For personal use, I have 5 as well.

1)One for all my blogging/dress/friends stuff

2)One to send resumes out from as well as to watch any professional list-serves

3) One mostly for writing

4) One I've had since I was ...14? I think. Although it's mostly for junk mail now, I keep it open and use it for ebay.

5) One that is unattributed completely to me It was mostly to talk to this one person who did not comprehend that you couldn't take an image from a website - any website- and put that same image up on etsy saying "I'll make this for you!" After enough of us reported her, she did get banned for life.

Mar 3rd 2013 new


1-) My school district e-mail for my teaching job.

2-) My catch all e-mail that I've had since I was in high school. It gets all of my junk and store e-mails. It is also the e-mail I give out if a CM relationship is moving to e-mail because it does not have my name at all in the address.

3-) My e-mail address I only give to privileged people. I only get "real" e-mails on this account. I originally created this one when I was in college because we needed to have a "professional" e-mail address to put on resumes.

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