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I'm having a hard time meeting any Catholic singles in Ocean County, NJ. I feel so alone, and I need interaction and socialization. Please, if you are in the area or within driving distance of Ocean County, NJ, I would like to have a get-together. heart highfive party

I wanna be you friend! wave laughing

theheart Dove cookiemonster United States Flag

Mar 11th 2013 new


Set up a date to do some sightseeing and socializing in your area. I'll bet loads of NJ people (and Mainers) would love to visit.

Mar 12th 2013 new

I'm thinking may be we can all meet at Six Flags Great Adventure ( I can get a group discount. The group has to be at least 15. I'm thinking may be either in June or July.

It could be lots of fun! I wanna make this work. Please....I wanna be your friend! lil mikie highfive heart

Mar 12th 2013 new

Here's the link again.

Mar 12th 2013 new

sounds like a great idea!!

Mar 23rd 2013 new

Great Idea, road trip to NJ! If it is near the ocean I would like to go!


Mar 28th 2013 new

Is there a date for this?

Mar 28th 2013 new

I wanna do this either may be in July. But Ineed at 15 people in order to get the group discount.

heart cookiemonster cool

Apr 12th 2013 new

Six Flags is only 2 hours away for me. Let me know if you decide on a date. Just not around the 4th...

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