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Mar 6th 2013 new

(Quote) Eileen-890971 said: I am sure he was saying his prayers that day. He was very stoic in church, paid attention and was frien...
(Quote) Eileen-890971 said: I am sure he was saying his prayers that day. He was very stoic in church, paid attention and was friends with the priest. We could never understand that he could spend time talking to Father but had a hard time talking to us kids. He would always get a charge out of word play actually butchering the English language. He did speak fluent Polish though and would not teach us kids. He said he didn't want to make us "different". Little did he know, we already were. Well, one day after church, he said "you guys stay in the car, I have to see Father at the rectum." WE WERE HOWLING! crazy Daddy. He would do that occasionally and always catch us off guard. I miss you Dad. Eileen
OMG! LOL! laughing Bless your Dad's soul!

Mar 6th 2013 new

(Quote) Jerry-730726 said: OMG! LOL! Bless your Dad's soul!
(Quote) Jerry-730726 said:

OMG! LOL! Bless your Dad's soul!

This story reminds me of one of my Mom. Coming from Great Britain to the states at age 20 she was NEW to everything. And some of the language though English did not correspond with the correct verbage, adjectives or words we use here. (unless she was using it wrong altogether!)

But she was trying to be complimentary of the family (my Dad's parents and siblings) while at a big outing. She said something to the effect: "Thank you so much for accepting me you are so "homely"!! lol!

Mar 7th 2013 new

My Father liked to travel with me in his later years. (my Mom preferring to stay home) So we took trips to the East and West coasts. We flew, took Amtrak....and of course drove.

Usually my Father had the option of where. (but I always drove) One time he said, "Where would you like to go?" I said, "You know Dad how I like Elvis? I thought we might take a trip to Little Rock, Ark.....stay the night....and then go in to Memphis and tour Graceland the next day." He said, "Let's go....I'm game!" So we did. Though it rained, and rained and rained! The trek to Memphis was dreadful (couldn't see the road well at all) We made it in to Memphis and stayed the night and we both prayed the next day would be okay (the weather) It was beautiful! So we parked across the street from Graceland. My Father was looking across the blvd and up the hill....and said, "You go ahead and go...I'll stay over here" I said, "Pop why not go with me?" He said, "Jer, there is NO way I'm going to walk across that blvd.....climb the hill and then tour the whole place!" (with his heart disease he couldn't walk for very long....much less try to climb hills...since the mansion sits up from the road) I said, "Pop.....that's what they have these buses for! They will drive us over and put us right at the front door!" He said, "Like I said.....let's go tour Graceland!" We laughed.....then went. I have to say he was fascinated by the place and it's contents. Though like me....we found Elvis to be outlandish in his tastes.... preferring "garish" colors and Graceland's weird decor. But it was fun...taking my eighty year old Father to Elvis' home~

Mar 7th 2013 new

When we were young and there were only 6 kids at the Mom & Dad used to take us to this huge "thrift" store. We would go at Easter...and we would go before school started in September. (clothing, supplies etc) The name of this place escapes me....but the bargains from what I recall were very...very good. Course buying for 6 it STILL was a lot of money to my parents. (Bless their hearts....trying to do the best they could with what they had) So my Dad saw the final bill being tallied up one time....after the cashier "worked" 3 baskets! With his dry sense of humor he could come out with the funniest oxymorons. This time he was prompted to say: "I go BROKE SAVING money!" The cashier was dying laughing!~

Mar 11th 2013 new

My Father (and for that matter my Mother) were big-time JFK supporters. Dad was so excited the day the President and First Lady flew into Dallas' Love Field...that he took off work from the office. He stood on a corner (Mockingbird and Lemmon Ave; within a mile of the airport) which had a great vantage point where the dark navy Lincoly would be turning right on Lemmon Ave. He stood less than 10 yards from where the car passed. As he observed the two....he said the Presidents' hair was more "red" than he thought. Other than that....he said the most remarkable thing about the two was her, Jacqueline. He said "She was stunning"

Little did he know his future daughter-in-law (who was a 6th grader and had been let out of the Catholic school she attended) stood at the next major intersection at Lemmon and Oak Lawn Ave. Her comments to me were nearly identical to Dad's; that SHE was the one who stood out in the pink suit I remember him telling about hearing all about the events that unfolded after he returned to the office. He was so we all were that fateful weekend~

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