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Feb 17th 2013 new

I typed University of Washington for some strange reason. He is going to the University of Southern California.

Feb 18th 2013 new

(Quote) Lois-880877 said: I typed University of Washington for some strange reason. He is going to the University of Souther...
(Quote) Lois-880877 said:

I typed University of Washington for some strange reason. He is going to the University of Southern California.

This is why I like this site! We are all about bringing out the best in others. BTW, my 19-yr-old son is a lingusitics and German major at UW-Madison. He is in Berlin on an unpaid internship w/the State Department until May. He has a security clearance.

Feb 23rd 2013 new

Yikes, I thought I was the only one not knowing how to respond to the "successful kids" issue. My kids all attended college on academic and athletic scholarships; one attended the Air Force Academy as a recruited athlete and another is getting her advanced degree. I have only met with one gentleman from CM and he was definitely intimidated by my kids' success. I decided that from now on if someone asks me about my kids I will say, "Oh, they are doing just fine, now when can we hike Camelback?" I am proud of my kids accomplishments, but they are THEIR accomplishments, not mine. By the GRACE of GOD my kids have done well AND I don't believe that only kids from "good" families turn out "good". I am a teacher and I can attest there are MANY times that kids from "messed up" families make healthy choices for themselves and turn out "good" and vice versa. BY THE GRACE OF GOD!!

Mar 11th 2013 new

As we get older it becomes obvious if we made good choices or not, doesn't it? Your kids are successful, that reflects in a positive way on you. But, like it or not, dating is competitive. There is the idea that if your kid is a MD then mine must be the owner of a big company. Otherwise I feel inferior. I like my kids and they do not own a big company or have advanced degrees, yet. Would I date a woman who had a kid that was disrespectful, or a drug addict, or in jail? No.

I don't feel inferior about my kids, I have enough not to feel inferior about me. Just like a date I once had. I had just fixed up a Cadillac. It looked good and was a good car. She drove up in a Mercedes. I know people that make more money than me, are better educated, are in better shape, are more attractive and can spit farther too. Turned out the people I knew that were better educated and made more money were just not happy. The date with the car, well, she was broke; she declared bankruprcy. An MD I know became an MD because she wanted to get away from her husband. Sometimes things just are not as they appear.Maybe I am not so bad.

Linda, I have 3 kids. They are 33, 31 and 29. They are educated, married and have kids. I would love to talk to you about your kids. Bring pictures, I will. I am not intimidated by kids, it is just all the other stuff.

I think people turn love into a business decision, or make it like buying a car. We want to receive at least as much as we have to offer, ideally more. And, we think we are just the most wonderful people in the whole world. Where are we going to find someone as good as us, how would we ever fall in love?

When I got married I felt very lucky. She was beautiful and smart. Funny thing, if she had lived I bet she would say the same thing about me. She better not say beautiful, something else. Beautiful doesn't sound right.

But, at our age we do get to see the results of how we have lived our lives. So do others. Personally, I am going to find someone that didn't convert to Christianity after years of living a life of sin. I am going to find someone with kids that arrest people, not get arrested. I am going to find a woman that can share a beer with me because she is not afraid to be a drunk again. I am not going to give up. Maybe I'll never get married again but it is just too hard dating women that have to spend all night in the hospital because their kid is mentally ill, or women that are an hour late for a date because the kid didn't want to get ready on time.

You sound nice. I would so like to talk to a woman that wasn't complaining about something. It is really nice to talk about success and positive things isn't it.

Mar 11th 2013 new

1. I met Linda a couple of months ago. She's VERY nice!

2. If one's kids are grown, where do they figure into the conversation at all? I don't care what someone else's kids are/do. I care about the person I'm meeting.

3. Remember the bumper sticker that said "Don't laugh -- it's paid for"? My observation has been that folks with fancy cars, boats, vacation homes, etc., are usually in debt to their necks (as your example pointed out). Why should I be impressed with what they have?

Mar 11th 2013 new

My children are still young. Although I am proud of them, they still have a way to go and I hope to have your problem someday : ) I think the solution might be to focus on the man's appreciation of your accomplishment and not the intimidation. You might just respond with "Thank you." If there was a trick or two that might help the fellow in his situation you might just share it with him.

I will add--Congratulations on a job well done.

Mar 12th 2013 new
Respond heavy with humbleness and light on details about anything other than yourself. It's about the eyes and brain when you meet. Just have fun and laugh hard especially about yourself. True humility is attractive.
Mar 12th 2013 new

Hi Linda,

I salute you for a vocation well done in raising your children well.

It's sad that your previous encounters did not advanced to the next level.

Be proud of your kids and don't let your intial disappointment discourage you.

It's their loss. They fail to recognize a woman of good calibre and choose to be intimidated instead.

Enjoy the goodness of life in the mist of the challenges.

God Bless and Easter is full of miracles. Celebrate your success as a mother and a woman of substance.

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