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This room is for general discussion that doesn't specifically fit into one of the other CatholicMatch rooms. Topics should not be overly serious as this is to be more of a "cafe setting."

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Do you feel odd doing it?
How do your companions react?

03/13/2013 new

1. Yes

2. Just fine. In fairness, this is a large Protestant community, and most everyone here says grace at restuarants and the like.

03/14/2013 new

Yes. wave

My Catholic friends join in out loud, sometimes holding each other's hands, sometimes folding our own hands together. Praying

My non-Catholic friends usually bow their heads and remain silent until I'm done.

Not long ago I dined with a few Catholic friends, and one gent led us in prayer at the END of the meal as well, a prayer of thanksgiving. I had never thought of that, but really enjoyed it. What a wonderful way to end a meal together. Praying

03/14/2013 new

Sign of the Cross, discreetly. I love my faith, I'm by no means ashamed of it, but I keep hearing Christ's voice with that comment about how the Pharisees were out and proud with showmanship with their practices, not becasue of real piety, but because they wanted everyone to notice how gosh darn wonderful and holy they were.

Its like famous people who make a giant song and dance about how generous they are with their monies, and all us little Plebs gush with gratitude and awe at their fantastic love of humanity. (insert rolly eyed icon).

As Lenny said, "Its one less ivory backscratcher".

03/14/2013 new


I say Grace in public and I've never given it a second thought about how the public thinks about it. People I'm with either do or don't and they are fine with that.


03/14/2013 new

Yes, I say grace in public (but mine isn't out loud it is more of a soft whisper)

Those I am with, either notice or don't notice and I guess many of them don't care

03/14/2013 new

(Quote) Marge-938695 said: Do you feel odd doing it?How do your companions react?
(Quote) Marge-938695 said:

Do you feel odd doing it?
How do your companions react?


I always say grace in restaurants or when invited to someone's house for a meal.

Unless asked, I don't say grace in a manner which is noticeable. Usually I say it as I'm unfolding my napkin or while the server is putting my plate down.

03/14/2013 new

Yes most of the time.. I get stares from those who notice.

03/14/2013 new

Always! If I'm out with only one other person I'll ask if they would like to join me and I've never had them turn me down. If I'm out with other Catholics, I pray out loud with them. If I'm out with several non-Catholics I'll make my grace quietly to myself though I will make the sign of the cross and bow my head. I don't want to be showy about it, but it is my faith and I ain't giving it up cuz it might make someone feel uncomfortable or threatened!

03/14/2013 new

I cross myself and usually pray silently, regardless of where I am.

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